Naming Conan adventures?



I was wondering,
does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about NAMING your Conan adventure?

From what I see it almost seems like you could write an entire adventure around it if you just had the NAME of the story....

For Example
"God in the Bowl"
I could think up all sorts of fun adventures for that idea, and none of them would be the same as the original story.

anyone have any insight into naming Conan-esque stories??

Here's three I'm using for my Hyborian Tales live-action game ( ):

1) Like Blood-Mad Tigers

When an Aquilonian noblewoman is kidnapped by Picts from beyond the Black River, only you can help...

2) Beneath A Broad Red Moon

What lurks in the moon-dappled border woods between Zingara and Argos?

3) Warriors Of The Frost-King

As the final clangour of the battle dies down at last, another, direr threat reveals itself...

All titles derived (more or less) from Howard stories.

Ian Sturrock
The two I ran (yes, only two) were called "A Cat in the Dark" and "The Valley of Toads". Very Conan-esque names. ;)