MWWG / Unisystem translations (Willow and Tara Stats)


Hello all.

I have been lurking here for a while. First a bit of background. I work for cough*anothercompany*cough, but I believe the best way to have fun with RPGs to try out new ones all the time. I have been playing around with d20 conversions for my home system of Unisystem (Buffy, Angel, All Flesh Must Be Eaten). This last month I have been playing around with d20 Macho Women With Guns and wanted to report my findings.

Keep in mind. MWWG is not my native system, but I had an awful lot of fun with it. So if you can bare with me, I hope there is something here for players of both MMWG-d20 and Unisystem here. At least I hope so.




Macho Women With Guns d20

Ok, so Macho Women With Guns was a parody game right? Well I guess the guys at Mongoose thought it was for real, so they bought it and churned out a brand-spanking new d20 version using the d20 Modern rules. ;)

You know what. It’s not too bad. In fact it is kinda fun!

The original Macho Women With Guns (MWWG) was a bit of RPG trash from the late 80's from the minds at BTRC (I do have my original copy still). They figured with all the games out there that featured men killing things and taking things from other things and women mostly as ornaments or eye candy that something radical should be done. So this is a game about women killing things and taking things from other things. But that is not all. There is also a whole lot of “blowing things up real good” and looking good while doing it.

Ok, so not the cutting edge game you would expect, but hey, it was the 80's.

Course now Mongoose has opted to give us a new set of d20 based rules for MWWG, but that is sort of missing the point. Yes, it has lots of ways to kill, maim and blow things up while wearing a chain-mail bikini or halter top. Yes you can still kill scores of drunk fratboys, rednecks and sleazy televangelists. And yes there are pages and pages of scantily clad women that would make Larry Flint proud, but that was not really the point of the game. MWWG worked because it was parody. It took an established cliché and turned it on it's head. Course, later it became a parody of itself indulging in the same said clichés it used to send up. So where does that leave us?

Well. Don’t pick it up thinking you can use it as a supplement to “Spycraft” or even d20 CoC. But as an afternoon diversion, you can do a lot worse. As a game with some fun ideas and a reminder that not every single game session is supposed to serious, then it is perfect.

What Does MWWG d20 have to Offer?
For starters MWWG d20 is mostly just the d20 Modern Rules. But it does have some interesting differences. First is the Witch profession. This gives 1st level characters a magic using option. It is similar in many ways to the Hedge Wizard profession of Urban Arcana. The other is a Mana point option, which is like a poor man’s Essence system. What I did like is as out of the box rules with no modifications I got similar proportions of Mana as I did with Essence in WitchCraft for Willow and Tara.

The Professions in MWWGs can be used as a poor-man’s Qualities (none should be more than 5 points). Nearly all the Heinous Drawbacks can be used in Unisystem in one way or the other. The Advanced Classes are closer to Qualities and can be used as such. Such get your Director’s approval first. Assassin is fine, as are Relic Raiders and Criminal Masterminds. Questionable are Holly Rollers (Renegade Nuns on Wheels) and Infernal Mistresses (though they are like an advanced version of Bat Wing Bimbos). I don’t even know what to say about the Busty Vampire Layer.

Besides, you have to like a game with a Naughty School Girl profession. Might have to port that over to BESM d20.


New Quality/Feat/Advantage
Here is a new advantage I wrote for the original MWWG rules, converted for d20 and Unisystem.

Large with the Butch (5 per level) (BRTC)
Anytime her girlfriend is attacked or threatened the character can add the number of levels of this to her attacks and Take Charge rolls.

Large with the Butch (Combat Feat, multiple) (d20)
Anytime her girlfriend is attacked or threatened the character can add twice the number of levels of this feat to her attack, defense and Intimidate rolls.

Large with the Butch (1 per level Quality) (Unisystem)
Pre-requisite: Love (romantic), Must be a woman in love with another woman
Anytime her girlfriend is attacked or threatened the character can add twice the number of levels of this feat to her attack, defense and Influence rolls.

[font size=3]Bat Wing Bimbos[/font] (Cinematic Unisystem)

Slayers hate them, but those scrawny little bitches are just jealous. Bat wing-bimbos in Unisystem are lesser Succuba. With the world now worse off than hell, Satan doesn’t have much need for these horny (as in they have horns. On their heads. Jeez. You people will make an innuendo out of anything) little demonettes, so he kicked them out to see if they can do some work in world. Sorta like daddy kicking his spoiled little girl out of the house and telling her to get a job, and believe me, this girls are taking it about half as well.

Bat Wing Bimbo (for Cinematic Unisystem)
4-Point Quality
Bat wing bimbos are demons, but don’t hold it against them. Sure they are as evil as their bigger sister the Succubus, but a girl has to make a living too. And like so many that leave their homes and end up in Southern California, the BWB has learned to do some things she never thought she would ever do to earn a buck.
Often times when not looking for a soul to steal, these catty little demons can be found fighting amongst themselves, avoiding over zealous demon hunters, or trying to get a real movie deal because they know they are a star and they hope no one will look into their pasts.
Being a Bat-Winged Bimbo gives you the following:
- 3 Levels of Attractive. We all know that evil always looks better.
- 3 levels of Hard To Kill. Living in a Hell hole makes you a bit tougher, living in Hell itself turns you into a hard ass bitch.
- Asbestos Soul. BWB gain a +1 Resistance to pain from fire and heat. BWB treat fire damage as regular damage (no extra damage each turn).
- Those cute horns count as a natural weapon, doing 1-2 points of damage per hit. (+1)
- Those sexy wings provide flight at the same movement rate as running. (+1)
- Gossipy. BWB bimbos tend to be a chatty, gossipy lot. Sure 99% of it is about manicures for wing talons and how to snag a good (evil?) demon lord, but some it useful. They get a +2 to their Occultism skill.

- BWBs are in serious need of some therapy. They have Emotional Problems, Mental Problems and are severe nympos. Despite being evil, BWB are still mad at being kicked out of Hell. They tend to mope and whine a lot, which amounts to a mild Emotional Problem. (-1)
- Mental Problems of Mild Cruelty (-1)
- Covetous, Serious Lechery (-3)
- Demonic heritage, this allows the BWB to take any of the demon powers as qualities from the Angel RPG. It also gives you reddish skin, small horns on your head and large evil looking bat wings that are your trademark. (-1 for Supernatural Form)

Befriending a BWB bimbo has it’s perks of course. Sure they are psychotic, sleep with all your friends, go into uncontrollable fits of rage and have daddy-abandonment issues. But so did my college girl friend, and she didn’t have any cool demonic powers (at least none I was aware of).


MWWG as an AFMBE Dead World

The premise of MWWG is a very silly one at best, but if you want to wallow in clichés, or just play a gun toting babe in a leather bikini, then this might be for you.

Life after the Dang
The world of MWWG has been devastated by every natural disaster there is, and a few unnatural. Earthquakes, nuclear fallout and big honking crack in the where Southern California was leading directly to Hell (ok, that is actually an improvement). The effect is nearly every male has been wiped out and the temperature has risen to bikini weather all over the globe. Its “Mad Max” meets “The Real Cancun”, with liberal doses of “Where the Boys Aren’t”.

The AFMBE twist
Note I said “nearly every male”, some survived, most died out right, but others spawn The Dang Zombies. Much worse than the Redneck Zombie or even Zombie Pimps, Dang Zombies combine the worse aspects of man and undead. First every stereotypical rude behavior found in men is the only behavior of Dang Zombies. They fart, scratch their balls, ogle your sister, make cat calls, drink all the remaining beer in the world, and spend hours watching porn, wrestling, badly dubbed kung fu movies and car chases. Plus they are rotting corpses. So while this would not be issues, untold numbers have actually killed themselves igniting their own flatulence or showing that they can perform the same stunts from the movies, they are a threat to the PCs. They chase after the Cast with calls of “hey baby, how you doin” or “how long has it been since you been with a real man?”. And it is not brains they want but, well...I am sure I don't to spell it out to you. The great thing about Dang Zombies is they respond to shotgun blasts really well. Note of warning though it is difficult to tell the difference between Dang Zombies, living Frat boys and porn producers.

Dang Zombies (for Classic Unisystem)
Str: 2-4 Dex: 1 Con: 2-3
Int: 1 Per: -1 Wil: 1

DPs: 26-34
Endurance: N/A
Essence: 6-7
Skills: Brawling 3
Attack: Bite D4x2 (4), slashing
Fists D4x2 (4), blunt

Weak Spot: Head (+5)
Getting Around: Slow and Steady (or rather, annoyingly persistent)
Strength: Dead Joe Average
Senses: Like the Living (+1)
Sustenance: Weekly (+4), actually it’s just the weekends, Monday to Thursday they try to sleep it off.
Intelligence: Language (+1). Dang Zombies can remember every pickup line they used in life and use it. Not that they work mind you.
Spreading the Love: Let’s not even go here ok. Dang Zombies only come from the great disaster that destroyed everything. Once the last Dang Zombie is dead, they are gone forever.
Power: 11


Willow and Tara

Of course I'll include my two favorite witches. These stats are mostly the same as the d20 Modern ones. I have made some changes to accommodate the world. Namely their professions start out as Naughty School Girls and then they become Witches. Again, I am looking for “out of the box” solutions here, sure I could make up new rules, but that is not the point at the moment.
Interesting additions are rules for “Things Man Was Not Meant To Know” which are ok for women to know. It’s adds to their Occultism/Knowledge (Arcana/Magic). Would I adopt that for a Unisystem game? Not likely, but here it is fun.

Note they do get the Heinous Drawback for being conservative dressers in the MWWG world, but drop the minority bit about being a lesbian witches.

Willow Rosenberg, Hot Lesbian Witch (d20 MMWGs stats)

Female Human, Smart Heroine 5, Occultist 1, Mage 7 (level 13). Medium Humanoid. Naughty Schoolgirl/Witch, hp 45, DC 14, Init +0, BAB +3 (+2 melee, +3 ranged), Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +7, Reputation +3, Wealth +1 Action Points 75.
Strength 9 (-1), Dexterity 11 (0), Constitution 11 (0), Intelligence 18 (+4), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 17 (+3)
Height 5’3”, Weight 110lbs, Eyes Green, Hair Red, Date of Birth Jan 1981 (25 in 2006)
Skills: Bluff +4, Computer +19, Concentration +10, Craft (Chemical) +10, Craft (Electronics) +8, Craft (Mechanical) +7, Decipher Script +14, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +9, Drive +2, Escape Artist +2, Gather Information +8, Handle Animal +4, Hide +1, Investigate +9, Knowledge (Arcana) +18, Knowledge (Earth Sciences) +8, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +8, Knowledge (Theology) +9, Listen +5, Navigate +5, Perform (Ritual) +7, Read/Write Languages (Latin, French, Hebrew) +2, Repair +8, Research +20, Sense Motive +4, Speak Languages (Latin, French, Hebrew) +2, Spellcraft +14, Survival +5, Use Magical Devices +9.
Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Educated (Arcana and Computer), Focused, Gearhead, Magical Affinity, Meticulous, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Studious, Toughness, Ambidextrous.
Talents/Special Abilities: Magic (free), Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, Mana Boost, Mana Battery
Heinous Drawbacks: Conservative (odd) Dresser, Vengeful

Tara Maclay, Hot Lesbian Witch (d20 MMWGs stats)

Female Human, Dedicated Heroine 6, Mystic 6 (level 12). Medium Humanoid. Naughty School Girl/Witch, hp 49, DC 12, Init -1, BAB +4 (+5 melee, +3 ranged), Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +9, Reputation +2, Wealth +1 Action Points 41.
Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 9 (-1), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 16 (+3), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 16 (+3)
Height 5’5”, Weight 125lbs, Eyes Blue, Hair Blond, Date of Birth Nov 7, 1981 (25 in 2006)
Skills: Bluff +4, Computer +7, Concentration +6, Craft (Chemical) +3, Decipher Script +9, Diplomacy +10, Gamble +7, Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +7, Hide +3, Investigate +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +12, Knowledge (Philosophy) +11, Knowledge (Theology) +11, Listen +10, Navigate +3, Perform (Dancing) +8, Perform (Painting) +8, Perform (Ritual) +7, Perform (Singing) +8, Read/Write Languages (Latin, Greek, French, Japanese) +2, Repair +3, Research +12, Sense Motive +13, Speak Languages (Latin, French, Japanese) +2, Spellcraft +12, Survival +9, Use Magical Devices +8.
Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Cautious, Creative, Educated (Humanities), Focused, Iron Will, Low Profile, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Meticulous.
Talents/Special Abilities: Magic (free), Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, Mana Boost, Mana Battery
Heinous Drawbacks: Conservative (odd) Dresser.

Mana Boost and Mana Battery correspond roughly to Increased Essence Pool.

Willow and Tara, BRTC MWWGs stats,

Unisystem / d20 conversions,



I was thinking of converting MMWG to a different game system. The biggest motivation for this would be to remove the need to explain how and why I want to do a Dungeons and Dragons MMWG instead of a D20 Modern MMWG, or some combination thereof.

Reasons for keeping d20

I guess one reason for keeping d20 is that I know the d20 system, and I like the system of classes. I came up with the idea of renaming the D20 Modern base classes so that I like them better: a Smart Heroine is a "Wise Woman", a Strong Heroine is an "Amazon", etc. I bring all the D&D classes and prestige classes over as Advanced Classes, and presto-chango, I am done.

Alternatives to d20

I thought about using BESM d20. Of course, that is also a D20 system, but it gets around the D20 Modern/Dungeons and Dragons problem. I haven't seen the Tri-Stat version.

Legend of the Five Rings/Seven Seas

The d10 system used in these two RPGs is simple and dynamic, and reminiscent of the ancient days of D&D when anything went and nothing was firmly defined. But it would be a lot of work to do anything with this system so that I could run a Macho Woman with Guns game.


The only problem with the D6 system, is that I haven't had time to read the books. I have no idea whether D6 would be a good idea or not.


Nobody I know seems to want to play GURPS. I don't see a reason to do a Gurps MMWG game, either.

I think I'll stick with a D20 Modern/Dungeons and Dragons blend. There are worse things I can do, like actually take this game seriously. (Wait a second, I already did that. :roll: )

toothill man

serious MWWG :shock: someone get the nurse :wink: and no one I know wants to play gurps anymore it was once with my lot all the rage :?



I read about class renames and I like them as well. It was your MWWG threads that lead me to believe you can do some serious play with this.

I played the old BRTC MWWG back in the day and it was fun. Stupid, but fun.

For me converting systems is a way to understand them a bit better. I have written a couple of d20 books and have been playing it for a very long time (was one of the playtesters for D&D3), but I know Unisystem a lot better.

Plus I also thing that there is a lot both rulesets can offer the player of the other game, even if you never actually play that game.

Look at GURPS. I'll never play another game of GURPS again I am very sure, yet I still have a bunch of GURPS source books.

toothill man,

Glad you liked the pics!



I think I can implement what I like about the L5R/7th Sea and D6 systems by changing the way that action points work in MMWG.

My concept is that the rise of the Manna Field (See my post about the proposed future history of MMWG), characters with high charismas are able to achieve remarkable, even incredible feats.

A character may spend as many action points in a round as her Charisma Modifier plus 3, using them all on one roll or dividing them between rolls. And instead of being permanently used, characters get their action points back after a while.

Of course, this gives high charisma character a distinct advantage. Players might want to know this when they create a character. 8)

Thanks for the feedback.


If you want to go for a faster system to convert to or your interest is more in miniatures battles I would think Savage Worlds would be a reasonably good fit.