what music if any do you guys play for your games. I am playing the music cd 'Super Atragon' to add a little bit extra to my games of B5.
I use various Babylon 5 tracks that I managed to download :) Some of these are from the "computer game that never was" - I recommend getting hold of these you can, they are very good (I can't remember where I found them now).
All the official B5 music releases are available through

The shipping rates are really cheap, even for non US addresses, especially if you buy loads at once.

Information from their Help/Info page:

Shipping costs
$4.00 for 1, $6.00 for 2 or more CDs or Cass in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
$6.00 for 1, $8.00 for 2, $10.00 for 3 or more CDs or Cass in all other parts of the world.
(CA residents: additional 8.25% sales tax)

The processing of your order takes 1-7 business days
Domestic shipping with UPS Ground: 1-5 business days
International shipping with US Airmail: 5-14 business days
If you didn't get your order after 4 weeks please call back

Also, the Glasgow FPO (and probably others) were selling off some of these CDs dirt cheap last time I was in.

I have every siingle official B5 Music release, even all the signed variants, even all the 6 limited edition "Sleeping in light" signed variants, $50 each and limited to 200 each (plus an unsigned one to actually play). And I also have the Babylon 5 Interactive CD-ROM with the accompanying music CD including music written for the once planned game. I even got a couple of the episodic CD covers signed by the late Richard Biggs (soundtracks of a couple of Franklin heavy episodes, there weren't many photos of him available back then)