MRQ Wiki Update...


Hey, folks.

I made a few changes to the MRQ Wiki. First off, I threw down a few dollars to upgrade to "silver" status which gets rid of the Google ads, gives us 1gb of file space, and allows for different security settings; the password is still "runequest", but that is a contributor password. There is now also a specific administrator password (which is mine) and a moderator password (which is currently not configured; don't see much need for a separate moderator yet.)

I realize that some might see this as a conflict of interest, me being a Runequest publisher and all, but I assure you that I am putting this wiki together only for my love of the game and to provide a common, non-forum place for house rules and other MRQ goodies. I draw a line between "Tim the Runequest fan" and "Tim, proprietor of Seraphim Guard". Aside of the link to Seraphim Guard I added along with links to Mongoose Publishing and Otherworld Creations, the MRQ Wiki will NOT be used for any Seraphim Guard propaganda.

There's been people in and messing with the wiki already; keep it up. There's been lots of house rules and such tossed back and forth amongst the forum posts, so let's get those moved over to the wiki. I uploaded all the SRD files, the final (insofar as I'm aware) armor chart created by Atgxtg, and added links to MRQ publishers.

To whoever wrote the "etiquette" topic? Good job. :)

EDIT: I suppose it would help if I gave out the wiki URL. It's at:
I have a lot that I'm looking forward to putting up on the wiki, but just had too much to do this weekend (including cleaning my apartment so I could be sure to find all the bills that were due this week so I could pay them on time :eek: )

If anybody wants put things from threads I contributed to, that would be fine. I plan to create an "RQ Modern" section and maybe an RQ Utgardloki section to organize my own house rules.

I was thinking that it would be fun to have a campaign world on this Wiki that anybody could add to.
Utgardloki said:
I plan to create an "RQ Modern" section and maybe an RQ Utgardloki section to organize my own house rules ... I was thinking that it would be fun to have a campaign world on this Wiki that anybody could add to.

Both REALLY good ideas, and a great use of the Wiki.
If no one has one in mind or already available, I'd be happy to whip up a 'generic' world map this week with just land masses and such available, then people can populate it as they wish.

You can see a sample of how I would do it by downloading my Lekarsha map from my leshan wiki, if you'd like.

Malakor said:
*Looks around for bug spray and fly swatter* :p :D :lol: :wink:

(Casting "Carapace", increasing the AP of my carapace, then skitter under a rock, waiting for the day we will RULE the world!!! :p )

I've added a pdf of a basic world map to the wiki.

If it is suitable, and anyone has any interest in it, I also have the source tiff file that I'll be happy to make available if folks want to modify it as they go (with GIMP or Photoshop, etc.)

The tiff is about 128 megs, so I didn't want to put it on the wiki unless Tim approves.
Malakor said:
I didn't want to put it on the wiki unless Tim approves.

I've already stated this to Malakor in e-mail but I'll put it out here for everyone to see; as far as I'm concerned it's not "my" Wiki -- it "belongs" to the MRQ community. I'm just footing the bill for it and making it available for everyone.

Ultimately I'll moderate it to make sure that there's no MRQ hate going on, or if the 1gb of file storage gets close to being filled.

So please, feel free to use the wiki however you'd like.
The front page was starting to get a little messy already, so I went through and did a re-org that should provide us a decent enough starting point. Essentially, I organized it by chapters matching the SRD/rulebook, with content relating to each chapter going off from there.

Check it out, tell me what you think.

I uploaded a pdf of the RuneQuest SRD and the Companion SRD packed into one pdf. New backgrounds, professions,... in the companion are sorted into the correspondings sections of the RuneQuest SRD.

If anyone has a problem with the document, please contact me, or delete it from the Wiki.

I uploaded a pdf of the Monsters SRD with corrected characteristics averages. I am not a big fan of the original Monster-stat-block, so I cut some of the headings (characteristics, hit location, weapons, special rules) to avoid such a stretched layout with all the wasted space - they are useless anyway.
As we speak, I'm working on a monster for Runequest. An interesting concept I thought up while watching The Life and Times of Juniper Lee -- called the Rejuvenation Troll.

If you have any ideas or preferences for format, let me know. I'll probably post it in a thread for feedback, although I should be able to also put it up in the wiki for feedback when I get it done.
I uploaded my gm-screen on the wiki. It's a 3-page pdf (+ogl) with the more important tables of the SRD (weapons, armour, grapple, dodge, parry and situational modifiers).

If someone is interested, I could add a page or two - you just have to tell me which tables you need.
The RuneQuest SRD pdf is updated. The descriptions of cultures, professions and skills are now completely integrated (in tables, available professions, available culture backgrounds ...). The creature chapter is cut from the RuneQuest.pdf since all the information are in the monster srd.
Has anyone created an Excel spreadsheet (or something) for character creation and upkeep? Be nice to have...input stats, pick background and profession from a list, as free points, buy equipment, done...