Mr. Sprange: OGL Steampunk comments and questions

blue crane

Dear Mr. Sprange,

I received my copy of OGL Steampunk today and was delighted. I am definitely going to enjoy using this product! Thank you too Mr. Hahn. It will sit quite nicely alongside my OGL Horror and Lone Wolf!

A couple of observations:

1) I could find no character sheet. Have I missed something, perhaps?

2) Sample creatures were not included and yet special qualities and what-not were discussed; indeed, creatures were alluded to and yet never covered. Will there be by chance a web enhancement to cover this, or not? If not, should one use the other OGL products or D&D for sample creatures?

3) The art is nice, however, I did observe that it was not in colour. This is a pity as it looks somewhat dreary compared to the others. I know that page-count was increased - was that the reason for opting not to use colour? Further, will OGL Wild West will follow suite as far as colour illustrations are concerned?

Anyway, it will still make a great addition to my library.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Blue Crane
Hi there,

A character sheet for download is on its way, just as soon as I can find someone with time on their hands (Gen Con has eaten into our time available in a big way).

I'll look into the monsters issue for you - if we have them lying around, I'll get them up on our site when I have a chance.

You are pretty much correct about the colour issue in Steampunk - the extras pages meant colour was not really viable (unless you had been willing to pay $49.95 for the book. . .). OGL Wild West is b/w as well.
Yeah, it does look drab compared to the other OGL books. It's really too bad, as I would have been willing to pay the extra 10 bucks to keep the slick color pages... Maybe you should have survey to see what people would prefer.

Ayuh, without a creatures section (not even a 'how to make creatures' section) it is hard to say that the game has 'everything you need' since then you have to run out and buy D20 Modern or the equivelant.

Creaures and constructs mentioned but not statted:

The Auld Grump statting things out for next weeks game...
Would it not be possible to simply use the SRD online, and use the monsters from there as they are?
Anonymous said:
Would it not be possible to simply use the SRD online, and use the monsters from there as they are?

On or off, but it was still an odd exclusion. Creatures are one of the things that help flavor a world. The SRD and D20 Modern critters are a bit D&Dish if you know what I mean. Though the image of an illithid in evening clothes and top hat is an amusing one...

The Auld Grump, I'm putting on my top hat, tying up my white tie, eating someone's brain...