Mr Dever's getting healthy again :)

Just saw this on Tower of the Sun:

Update on Joe

Mr. Dever emailed me this morningto let us know how he is doing. The is the content of the email:

Hi Jared,

I'm very happy to report that both of my kidney operations have been successful. The second op (the removal of my left kidney) was performed on August 10th and I was subsequently discharged from hospital on August 22nd. Recent tests indicate that my repaired right kidney is functioning well, and there are no signs of any secondary tumors or cancerous cells in the surrounding lymph glands and remaining renal tissues. The surgical wounds (I've two rather impressive torso scars, each measuring about 18 inches long) are healing quickly and I'm able to get about without too much discomfort. I aim and expect to be 100% physically fit again by Christmas. Once again I'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to both yourself, and to the community of devoted Lone Wolf fans, for your sustained support. It really has helped me to stay strong and focused throughout this difficult period.

With very best regards to all my loyal Kai friends,

Joe Dever

It warms my heart to remember sending a get well soon email wishing him all the best :).
Winter Wolf said:
Great news, hope he goes from strength to strength. :)

We all hope that my friend. We all hope that (in fact I was surprised not to see a copy of that on Lone Wolf Online or Project Aon but maybe they've updated their news now :)).