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Termination of Mongoose Publishing’s Lone Wolf gamebooks and RPG range has been actioned by mutual consent of the author and the publisher. Contractually, we are unable to publish or discuss the terms of our severance agreement.

It is our understanding that new things are coming for Lone Wolf. Interested parties are directed to where news will be posted.

Outstanding Orders
Some of you have orders that are waiting for books to be reprinted. These titles will be reprinted in very small quantities starting next week, and will be dispatched before the end of March. We regret that no further orders can be taken from this point.

Megadeal Customers
Some of you have uncompleted Megadeal subscriptions. Regretably, we are now unable to proceed with these beyond Book 17. After consulting with Mr Dever to find a fair resolution to this, we have both agreed to the following;

A small number of you are waiting for books before number 17 to be reprinted - these will be done starting next week and, again, these will be dispatched before the end of March.

It is our understanding that Mr Dever is going to endeavour to provide everyone owed Books 18 onwards with Lone Wolf material. We advise you to watch for what will happen here.

In addition, Mongoose Publishing is making an open offer to all such Megadeal subscribers to provide credit for other Mongoose Publishing products up to the full value of your subscription, which we will send to you post free, wherever you are in the world. There is no requirement for this to be taken immediately, and we will hold accounts open for as long as you wish. Please note that this does not include Megadeals whose subscriptions have been completely fulfilled.

Anyone wishing to take up this offer, or make any comments or suggestions, is directed to email me directly at I will reply as quickly as I am able but please note, both myself and Mr Dever are contractually unable to discuss the terms of the severance agreement, and I am not party to the particulars of Mr Dever's future plans for Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf Forums
Mongoose Publishing no longer has licence to continue working with Lone Wolf beyond the terms of the severance agreement, and so these forums will be closed after this coming weekend. This thread will then be moved to our General forum, where it will remain for the forseeable future in order to inform our customers of what is happening.
Not open for further replies.