Mongoose News - Shield Maidens Kickstarter - April 1st


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Freya calls you to action!

The Shield Maidens RPG begins on Kickstarter at 2pm GMT on April 1st - less than a week to go. You can find the pre-launch page right here:


The nine realms are dying. Only the Shield Maidens can save them now.

You are a daughter of Freya, blessed by the divine. It is your task to free Yggdrasil from the tyrannical forces that control the greatest source of power: Ymir’s Blood. Elves have been ripping worlds apart for it, and Fenrir is killing Midgard with their constant drilling. The lifeblood of worlds is almost spent, and the Shield Maidens are the only thing that stands between the spring and fimbulwinter. You will meet all manner of mythical and technological figures throughout your journeys on the Bifrost, and you alone can save them.

Shield Maidens brings Vikings and cyberpunk together, melding to form a Norse inspired science-fiction tabletop roleplaying game. This Kickstarter project is funding two hardback books - the Shield Maidens Training Guide and the Shield Maidens Gamemasters Guide.

We will have a free-to-download primer allowing you to create your own Shield Maiden on the Kickstarter page when it goes live, so you can dive right in and see how the system works. You can also be sure to see regular previews throughout the Kickstarter process.

Hope to see you there!