Mongoose News - Shield Maidens Kickstarter Live!


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The Kickstarter for the all new Shield Maidens RPG, a blend of Cyberpunks and Vikings, is now live!

You can check things out and download the free character creation primer right here:

Become a Shield Maiden, daughter of Freya, friend of the Resistance, and all that stands between the nine realms and obliteration. The Norns tell of Ragnarök, and the gods are helpless to prevent it, for the wheel of ages has stopped turning and none know why. Empires ravage the nine realms for Ymir’s Blood, which fuels the entire cosmos, and the gods live in wary stalemate after the death of one of their own. The Shield Maidens must save the universe, but to do so will not be easy. Stand side by side with your sisters as you face entire armies, warlords and giants as tall as the walls of Midgard itself.

Freya has called you to battle; will you heed her?


The Shield Maidens Kickstarter is now running to create two hardback books – the Shield Maidens Training Guide and the Shield Maidens Gamemasters Guide. We will be showcasing lots of previews over the next 30 days, so swing by and check things out!