The Shield Maidens RPG is Here!


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The new cyberpunk/Vikings RPG, Shield Maidens, is finally here!

You can see the whole range right here:

Shield Maidens melds Vikings and cyberpunk, where you become a daughter of Freya and take on both mortals and gods. You will be given everything you need to become a Shield Maiden, armed with your Guardian Shield and poised to save Midgard from the Fenrir Empire. Fight your way through the monsters of Jötunnheim, delve through the inky black of the cosmos atop the Bifrost, and explore the hidden secrets of the Nine Realms. The odds are against you, but with your help the Sisterhood will free Midgard and once again turn the Wheel of Ages.

Release Banner.jpg

The Training Guide will teach you everything you need to become a Shield Maiden, fighting the good fight against gods and empires, while the Gamemaster's Guide gives you everything you need to run a complete campaign.

Also available are a GM's Screen, Dice Set (containing both glow-in-the-dark D6s and D8s), and a CD & MP3 soundtrack to get you in the mood as you explore the nine realms.

Join the Sisterhood, Daughter of Freya, and free Midgard!