Shield Maidens Dataforge - on PDF & Pre-Order


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The new hardback for the Shield Maidens RPG is out now on PDF and pre-order!

You can see the whole range right here:

Contrary to the teachings of the Empire of Man, there are many species that inhabit the permafrost surrounding the City of Midgard. Some might be considered friendly, but far more relish violence.

The Dataforge contains five intelligent species native to Midgard and covers their physiology, territories, attitudes towards humanity, cultures, diets and how they fight. Additionally, you will find new equipment and traits that may aid any Shield Maiden in her battle against fascistic empires and uncaring gods.

You will learn about the Huldra, permanently frozen creatures malformed in creation by Fenrir; the Fossegrimmen, ravenous inhabitants of the deep; the Sóttar, an ancient species believed to be the cause of disease upon the realm; Trolls, who rage against the expansion of the Empire; and the Spriggan, who move through the inky night on legs unseen.

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Hello Abby,

awesome book! It gave me plenty of ideas how to involve my shield maidens in adventures around the described species. Also it is beautifully illustrated (again). My favorite species are the fossegrimen. I found an error on page 54: the stats of the thornbite spear and the rupture bow are identical. The stat-table of the spear has been copy-pasted without changing it.
But that‘s just one small thing. I eagerly await my printed copy to send my shield maidens into the icy depth of the sea!

Greetings from Germany

Eilif Sifsdottir