Mongoose News - Paranoia: Project Infinite Hole - Kickstarter June 19th


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Ages ago (or 16 years, something like that), every Paranoia mission included a trip to Research & Design for experimental equipment. Sure, Troubleshooters would explode, get turned inside-out or wonder what a ‘rad’ is (and if 400 is a good number). But players and GMs alike would laugh so much, they kept coming back for more.

Now, you can come back to R&D! Project Infinite Hole is the all-new R&D sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG. Imagine over 100 experimental weapons, armour, surveillance, bot modules and Coretech apps designed by slightly-insane committees and never tested before now. Then stop imaging and back the Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter campaign so you can get ‘em!

Besides devices that will (sometimes literally) torture Troubleshooters, you’ll also get advice on adding a trip to R&D to every mission, NPCs, locations, how R&D works (and doesn’t), a whole new deck of cards and the TIRDA – a way for Troubleshooters to combine any devices in the field to create... well, something that will probably take out a sector or two, but hey, it might actually be useful!

You also get a real, actual, not-fake, no for realsies, Paranoia campaign! It’s something about a black hole in the middle of Alpha Complex or something equally safe. But you’ll get absolutely nothing if you don’t back the Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter campaign!

The Kickstarter begins on June 19th, at 10am GMT!