Mongoose News - Paranoia: Project Infinite Hole - Kickstarter June 19th


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Just a week to go before a brand new Kickstarter for the Paranoia RPG begins - on June 19th, at 10am GMT, you can discover the mysteries of Project Infinite Hole!

Check out the second teaser video right here:

Are your Troubleshooters surviving too many missions? Do their players still have a tiny amount of trust and innocence? Need a way to solve both problems and maybe destroy all of existence in the process?

Return to the past by walking into the future with the Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter campaign! Finally, you can get an R&D-themed supplement for the latest edition of the Paranoia RPG. We’re talking over 100 experimental devices and apps ready to turn a Troubleshooter mission into a smoking crater. Plus, you’ll get R&D NPCs, locations, experiments, plot hooks, and two missions that start a Paranoia campaign! (Yes, such a thing is entirely feasible. Stop laughing.) You even get a TIRDA whatever that is!

And just like Paranoia missions of old, you can now include a trip to R&D after every briefing! Just think. Troubleshooters are already deadly (and dead) with normal gear. Now think about the mayhem they will cause with experimental gear like Fluffy Safety Armour, the iEye and the Jaws of Death!

Back Project Infinite Hole today before the black hole in TRK Sector grows too big. Wait, what black hole? Do I need to worry? I probably need to worry. Hey, uncuff me from my desk so I can flee to safety! Uh, is anyone still here?

Remember, the Kickstarter begins on June 19th, at 10am GMT!