Mongoose News - New for the Justice Department


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Three new models have arrived for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, all of which will give the Justice Department some high-speed action (and just in time for the forthcoming biker gangs!).

The Banshee Interceptor comes with a brand new driver Judge (available separately) and is the premier pursuit and apprehension vehicle on the streets of Mega-City One. Once the Banshee is on a perp's tail, there can be no escape from the iso-cubes. The Banshee is a resin model with metal parts, and will add a dashing edge to your Sector House!

Also here is the Tek-Judge on his specialist Lawmaster, fully equipped for all maintenance, repair and forensic duties. We have brand new rules for this model (along with another that is due for release very soon), available as a free PDF download on the Tek-Judge on Lawmaster page, so grab a copy and start figuring out how to field him alongside the rest of your Justice Department!

You can find all these new models here: