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The wait is over, High Guard Update 2022 is now available on PDF release and pre-order!

You can grab your copy now and set sail for the stars right here:

High Guard.jpg

We also have a special Collector’s Edition, limited to just 250 copies and including a faux-leather cover, metal corner protectors, a double ribbon (so you can keep track of your reading in more than one place!), printed endpapers of two different designs (front and back), and rounded, silver-edged pages.

You can reserve your copy of the Collector’s Edition (and get the PDF for free as normal) here:

Trav spec image.jpg

High Guard Update 2022 is a major expansion to the Traveller roleplaying game with rules for designing, building and operating spacecraft found throughout the galaxy. From small and nimble fighter craft to the adventure-class ships that Travellers fly, from gargantuan megafreighters to military capital ships, this book provides everything the aspiring naval architect needs to populate their universe with ships that ply the spacelanes.

This book also provides rules for designing space stations and starports, customising ships, and exotic technologies found in popular science fiction novels and movies that can be incorporated into your universe. There are also advanced rules for sensors, detailed descriptions of starship crew roles, how to conduct violent boarding actions, and detailed guidelines for battles between fighter squadrons and enormous fleet battles.

Finally, High Guard Update 2022 presents dozens of ship designs for the Charted Space universe, including small craft and fighters, traders, gunboats, scout ships and battleships ranging from lethal destroyers to colossal battleships, carriers and dreadnoughts. The revised design system provides a new approach to armour and armaments, making space combat scalable for anything from small skirmishes to devastating clashes between dozens or even hundreds of warships.
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