Mongoose News - Deepnight Revelation is Here!


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The Deepnight Revelation campaign set, along with the first two hardback expansions (Riftsedge Transit and Near Side of Yonder) is now in stock and available for your Traveller group!

You can grab your start to this truly epic voyage right here:

US Travellers can get theirs here:

A grand 20 year campaign into deep space, commanding the exploration cruiser Deepnight Revelation.

The Deepnight Entity
It was alive when the stars were young. It saw the birth of galaxies, and it will see the death of the universe. It is growth and destruction; menace and saviour. It retreated into a prison of its own making, and there it waits. An exploration ship found the clues, and was destroyed. A researcher touched its mind, and was driven insane. What is it? We must know.

Deepnight Revelation
Deepnight Revelation, a former navy cruiser. Outfitted for the most stupendous mission in human history; a one-ship expedition along the Great Rift to the edge of the Spiral Arm. Deepnight Revelation will explore the uncharted systems along its path; contact unknown species and weather unpredictable dangers. At last we will stand before the gates to the Entity’s prison and demand entry. We will confront the Deepnight Entity and seek answers.

One Ship, Many Stories
There is a place for any Traveller aboard Deepnight Revelation; scientists and explorers, pilots and engineers, diplomats and rogues. There are mysteries to be unravelled, enemies to battle, and situations that require… unconventional… talents. The Travellers can take on any role they please, from humble research assistants to the mission’s commanders. The decisions they make will shape the course of the expedition – and perhaps the history of entire species.

Deepnight Revelation. A voyage beyond everything we know.



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Recently Twitter spoke of their favourite #TravellerRPG campaigns. Deepnight Revelation was unsurprisingly a recurrence, with many also saying it was top of the list to play in the future

Consequently we felt as though you deserved an insight into this campaign of truly epic proportions.
Head over to our Instagram where we are spotlighting this campaign through showcasing a handful of images from the books, an insight into its depth and beauty.

Have you played this yet? Is it on your list for the future? Let us know your thoughts!


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Deepnight Revalation is certainly on my list, but it is definitely a massive undertaking. You can enhance it with The Great Rift and Elemental Cruiser box sets too and go whole hog on everything.

However, I’ve been building up a 2300AD campaign to my group for some time now, so its something that is on the back burner for now.