Modern skills


I thought it would be useful to post some of the new skills I'm inventing for my modern game. Some of these could be used in an archaic game (such as Venom Immunity). To avoid using too much bandwidth, I plan not to post obvious notes like "Photography (INT) This skill is used to take photographs."

I am using specialization rules, so skills like Motorcycle Riding is listed as a specialization of Riding. Unless there is something non-obvious (such as Venom Immunity), I probably won't post anything about such specializations.

(BTW, I had to make some guesses. I'm certainly open to being corrected by anyone who really knows what I am talking about.)

New skills I created so far:

Brute Force (STR + SIZ) is used to apply physical power: pushing, lifting and dragging. Remember, lift with your knees, not your back. Specializations: Weight Lifting, Smashing.

I felt that since Brute Force uses SIZ and Athletics uses DEX, these should be listed as separate skills. I've decided to ignore the distinction between Basic and Advanced skills (except for on a case-by-case basis requiring training to use the skill, as in GURPS), so the only difference is whether a skill already comes listed on the character sheet.

CPR (INT + POW) is knowledge and understanding of CPR techniques. You still need the CPR Training advantage to actually administer CPR, or else you need a critical success on your CPR roll. But CPR knowledge can reinforce your First Aid skill.

This is a specialization of the First Aid skill. This was created to reflect that, while archaic characters may attempt First Aid, modern characters can take advantage of newly discovered techniques.

Perform (INT + CHA) is the ability to give a pleasing performance. Specializations: Sing, Dance, Tumble.

I feel that skills like Singing, Dancing, etc should be specializations of a more general Perform skill. Of course, the MRQ rulebook has no concept of specialization.

Stage Magic (DEX) is used to perform magic tricks. There is no cost for performing tricks (except for possible fatigue if for some reason you perform an exhausting trick or stage a marathon performance), or any limit to the number of tricks you can know, although many tricks are very closely kept secrets. The Perform skill is required to put on a pleasing performance.

Stage Magic could also be (and probably is) performed in archaic environments. I have a theory that in real life, the Bible forbids "witchcraft" because of unscrupulous charletains who used such tricks to delude people.

Venom Immunity (CON + INT) entails knowledge of how to build up an immunity to venom. In order to use it to help survive poison, you must first make a successful skill roll to deliberately expose yourself to venom to develop an immunity. If you fail this roll, you have to make another roll to avoid an overexposure. Such immunity only works against the species immunized against, and is ineffective against any except very closely related species.

Note that a success does not grant immunity, but permit’s the affected individual to add your Venom Immunity skill to his Resilience skill to determine his effective skill.

You can specialize in a specific species of snake. This is helpful to make your Venom Immunity roll so that you can use your Venom Immunity to reinforce your Resilience roll.

I thought about this when I was trying to think of specializations of the Resilience skill. I am a little unclear whether I am drifting away from reality here. It seems that this sort of thing would be dangerous for someone who did not know a lot about what he was doing.

If this thread proves useful, I'll post other skill ideas.