Mek sheet

Well, hopefully when Mongoose make the A2089 sheets from the 'Ultimate Character Sheet' pack, or whatever its proper name is, that'll include a Mek sheet.

Untill that's available, you could always try and make a temproary one for your own use.
I made an Excel spreadsheet for Mek creation. It only covers the main rulebook, but it's mostly finished. It has a macro for printing that mostly works, but you can just type stuff in on the printout sheet if you can't figure it out.

I'd be willing to email you a copy of it as is if you want it. I will not answer support questions about it or promise any periodic updates or even guarantee that it won't crash your computer. I won't even promise I'll finish that last 5%. All I say is that it works for me, and if you want a copy you can have one.
Oh, and the printout sheet is black and white, easy on the printer. :)

That was kind of the whole point of this thread, wasn't it?
Elfman form what I see yours works great. I am amazed at what you did. I have no idea how long it took you but this will save me a lot of time. I can't thank you enough :!:

:D :D :D :D :D
Tarc70 said:
Elfman form what I see yours works great. I am amazed at what you did.

Thank you very much, you are too kind.

Tarc70 said:
I have no idea how long it took you but this will save me a lot of time.

This is precisely why I'm not going to make any promises about ever updating it. :p

It took me many long hours to make the spreadsheet, and it works well enough for me as is. If anyone wants to take what I've done so far and run with it... be my guest 8)
I have made a color master copy of all the sheets. On the color copy I then used white out over writing areas blocked by the dark Mek depictions in each set of boxes. Then I use that as a basis for copies, and the copies from the seperate color master come out much lighter - which is the whole sheets problem. I'm not saying the mech depictions should be removed - they should simply make them stay the same light tone of the writing area so it goes to black and white better. Then a color master copy would work perfectly wonderfull.
I've made Mech and Vehicle data sheets in PDF format available at

The sheets are based on the data sheets from Warmachines and Armored Companies. Each section: power allocation, weapons and equipment location should have enough space for most designs.
Good Day. I just posted a Warmek design spreadsheet on the Yahoo Armageddon 2089 group site or I can email it if anyone is interested
It has 6 pages- intro, design page, mek record/printout page, tables, and 2 test meks.
The printout page is B/W but has as much info as I could automate/cram in
If anyone feels like testing it, let me know how it does, and any suggestions for improvement (plus anything just plain messed up) I will probably gradually update/fix it, but it's got to "workable" for now.
NB it does use macros (though I'm not real comfortable with them)
Many thanks to Elfman, who pointed me in the right direction with a couple of problems.

Addendum: a couple of bloopers- The macro to save the design doesn't work with the protection, and I forgot to finish UAVS up ( I also added damage modiers for Size/IAAs to the spike, and will finish up the other melee weapons; mostly so I can build the BunBun class WarMek( Try for the reference)