Mass Naval Combat rules?


Banded Mongoose
So, I'm a GM that often runs political/military/diplomacy campaigns, and it often happens that PCs are in charge of military forces and eventually this leads to a clash. I have a thought to run Traveller after our current Burning Wheel game ends and while ground mass combat is covered (both Mongoose and old CT Mercenary) I don't really see anything for mass naval combat in space.

Is there anything out there? Fan made or otherwise? I can, I suppose, handwave my way to freedom but that's not really satisfying. I can also make one I suppose (I did for Cortex Prime but the base tools and options lean that way anyway).

Thoughts folks? I'm not really a fan of "have a battle of breakpoints where PCs do special things while the battle is background". I've run plenty of mass combats before with different groups and, in general, they go down well, especially as the players want to have some effect on the battle since they're commanding it.
For mass fleet combat I would go with a game like Imperium, Dark Nebula, Invasion Earth or Fifth Frontier War, alternatively use the ship combat rules from Twilight Imperium :)

Sticking with GDW, instead of each counter being a squadron you make each counter a ship.

Next you need a system map, MgT High Guard has one or if you want to see what I mean google Renegade Legion Prefect.

Assemble your ships into fleets and place fleet counters on the map, an enemy can only find out what is in your fleet counter if your fleet moves within (x) distance of a planet or sensor station, or if you use scouts to move within (y) range.