Maps from LW books after Darke Crusade

Silver Fox

I am looking for the maps from the inside covers of the LW gamebooks, and have found those from books 1-13, but cannot find the later ones anywhere. In particular I am interested in the one from book 19 or 20, which focuses on Sommerlund itslef and shows all of the smaller settlements. Can anyone help?

Thanks all.

PS. Superb job August.
This site has no-so-authorized scans of all the maps in books 1-20:

Then Project Aon has now reached book 14 so that one is available online too. In fact, if you search deeper in the site, you'll find the map for book 15 too, as this book is currently being worked on and an "alpha" version of it has been generated.
I'm liking the book 19 map (the detailed map of Sommerlund). My copy of that book should be coming soon, with any luck. :D