Review of all craft deckplans in Beta

AND, there is nothing in the rules preventing this situation EXCEPT that none of the ship layout people have done it in their designs. Everyone does Star Wars, not modern warships...

Also, on most of the Traveller sized ships the Fire Control Station could be on the bridge.

SO a 4-person Bridge might have Pilot, Sensor/Nav and 2 Gunner stations.
The original idea, I think at least, from CT was akin to what WW2 warships had. The gunner rule makes sense for military ships because they are all about redundancy. A hit to the main gunnery station means the turrets go into local control.

The gunner concept should be slightly expanded to take into account the other duties that a gunner does. Shooting is a relatively rare event. In the meantime you are swabbing the deckplates, running drills, replacing cogs, etc, etc.

Large military ships are also going to have gunnery stations on the main bridge or combat control center so the captain's orders get relayed immediately to them by voice or someone who's role is akin to what navy's do today.

Smaller ships simply don't have the space/crew to devote to individual gunnery stations so it makes a lot more sense to have a single gunnery station on the bridge to control the two, three or even 10 turrets. Though at some point you'll need to divide up the duties so that offensive weapons are divided amongst different styles, missiles and sand are with a different crew member, etc.

If you go deeper you start thinking about how point defense should work, who is doing the ECM/sensor work, etc.
And on small ships all those duties are falling onto one or two people, making them set priorities since they can't do everything. On a dedicated warship, there would be departments doing each of those jobs.