Magical objects

We started a campaign a month or two before the book was released (some other player really enjoyed playing on Magnamund). We created 10th level character, using classic d&d classes, except for the kaï lord (thanks to the preview). We also took the equipment for such characters, i.e. magical object for a rather impressive amount of gold.
Now we have the book, and i saw few objects in the book. I didn't see some chapter about creating non 1st level character, so should our character had some more equipment?
Could we get some standard d&d objects? It seems odd, because most of it is made by classes, and apparently there's no magical object crafting class in the lone wolf core book.
Magic items are RARE in Magnamund, and as such cannot be listed anywhere in comparison to normal DnD settings. Most items are leftover relics from forgotten civilizations or very hard to make/come by in these "modern" times of the world.

Of course, a GM can take certain "creative liscensing" with this fact - meaning they can throw what is canon right out the window and do whatever makes the game more enjoyable for the group. It is Rule #1 of RP'ing, after all :)
It's a bit odd, but when you read the "Lone Wolf" and "Grey Star" series, you sort of assume that magic items are common, 'cuz Lone Wolf winds up with all sorts of artifacts (Sommerswerd, Dagger of Vashna, possibly Helshezag, etc.), Grey Star starts out with the Wizard's Staff (and finds the Moonstone later), and they run into bad guys with artifacts at least once per book (or so it seems).

But when you read between the lines, Lone Wolf and Grey Star are unique cases in their histories (for example, no other Kai Lord between the Battle of Moytura and the raising of the Monastery is ever recorded as even using the Sommerswerd; prior to it's bequeathment to the Durenese it appears to have been part of the regalia of the Sommlending Kings.)

And the guys they run into with artifacts tend to be very unique individuals in their own right, who acquired their artifacts under specific circumstances (like Kimah negotiating with Haakon for the Orb of Death(?)--been a while, was that what it was called?.-using the last of the Kai as the bargaining chip).

Non-royalty/nobility/generals/archdruids/servants of the Darklords don't seem to ever have any kind of magic items, not even minor ones (Kalte Firespheres appear to be the notable exception). And the items you do run across always seem to put the items described in the DMG to shame.

Strikes me that most of the magic items from the DMG wouldn't be found in Magnamund.
I agree with Adgramaine and Holmes, magic items are rare but powerful in Magnamund. This makes it so much more special when a player finally finds one... Something that always bothered me a little in regular D&D: the +1 versions of weapons seems almost as easy to find than their mundane counterparts. And shops where magic items are displayed with a price tag and a sticker stating "only 5 left, hurry before they're all gone!"... it kinda take out some of the "Magic" in magic itmes.

But enough rambling, what I'm saying is : I won't be using regular D&D magic items in my campaign. Only items from the original books or appearing in the RPG. OK, maybe an odd one from my invention here and there, but that should be quite an event...