LWM - Most/Least Popular Classes?

I've run several LWM games so far with totally different groups of players. I'm finding it interesting to see what character classes are chosen and which are not.

I would say the most popular character class by far is the Kai Lord.

Rounding out the top six, I would say would be...

2) Dwarven Gunner of Bor - completely unique and different than other gaming systems, this one has been selected in every game I've run.
3 a,b,c) The Knights (Sommlending, White Mountain, Vaderish) - I group these together because I really don't see a great difference between them. They're all very popular with players.
4) Magician of Dessi - Perhaps viewed as the most powerful magic user (?)
5) Buccaneer of Shadaki - Who doesn't want to be a buccaneer? Cool!
6) Border Ranger of the North - An easy character concept to understand

After that, is the middle of the pack. These classes people look at closely but usually pass over, in my experience.

7) Brotherhood of the Crystal Star - Surprising, considering the central roll they play even in early LW books. Not a bad class, either. Perhaps overshadowed by the Magicians of Dessi?
8) Ice Barbarian of Kalte - Perhaps viewed as a waste if you're not in winter or the arctic?
9) Vakeros Warrior Mage - Perhaps seen as a fence-rider, doing neither melee or magic as well as a Knight or Magician of Dessi.

The bottom of the pack, in my experience, are the ones below. Nobody even looks at or considers playing these character classes.

10) Telchoi Warrior - Not a bad class but perhaps unfamiliarity keeps people away.
11) Kloon Sage - A little odd, playing a walking dictionary that can pick and choose from other classes. I'm SURE that there's a way to munchkin this out but why copy other classes when you can just play those classes?
12) Herbwarden of Bautar - An almost unplayable character in my opinion with very weak disciplines. Who wants to do nothing but heal the party?

What do you think? Does your experience tell you something different?
I've found the Helghast to be a favourite - 2/4 players in my initial game took it, and more would have taken it as well had I not closed it off for future players.

Then again, who does not want to be a Helghast?
I have found the Herb Warden to be a popular class, as well as the Brother of the Crystal Star. :)