Lords of the Fading Suns 2012 - December 8th

Ben's suicide fighter swarm netted him another win - leaving me in second place.

Thanks Matt for organising the tourney.
To be fair I destroyed no ships in the last battle with suicide fighters. What they did do was nicely whittle down several of the church ships though.

Suicide fighters don't kill ships, devastating +1 racking up the crits does.

What netted the last game as a wipeout was a single suicide fighter hitting the last Church frigate, scoring 4 damage, and then rolling two 6's in the damage and doing 12 points of damage.

To be fair in 3 out of the 4 games I had very good dice. I do think the best dice of the day were in my game with you though Greg. And you were rolling like you were under some sort of curse. In my third game I didn't get a scout lock for the first three turns and because Vudrok soak about 65-70% of the damage they take suicide fighters didn't have much effect either.
And the final results;

1. Ben Ribery (Kurgan) 84 points
2. Greg Smith (Li Halan) 77 points
3. Richard Carr (al Malik) 64 points
4. Andy Don (Church) 56 points
5. Paul Eyles (Vuldrok) 51 points
6. Amy Perrett (Decados) 47 points
7. Alan Buckmaster (Vuldrok) 43 points
8. Ed Wheeler (Li Halan) 43 points

Well done everybody!