Looking for a city with an arena....please help!


Does anybody know of a city/town in Hyboria that actually has a gladatorial style arena? I'm sure I can easily make this up in one of the many areas that are not detailed fully in the sourcebooks/stories, but what culture would best fit this kind of recreational activity?

At first glance, it appears Koth, Argos, Ophir, or Corinthia would most fit this kind of Roman-esque activity.
Definitely Corinthia would have arenas, plus Corinthian controlled Luxor in Stygia had gladiator fighting as described in the really bad pastiche Conan the Gladiator by Leonard Carpenter.
Messantia has an enormous arena for gladiatorial sports, an important element of the city's culture. Plus, it's already written up for you in an attractive boxed set by yours truly. :)
Fantastic! Now I must purchase yet another city boxed set :)

But first I have to crack open Shadizar once it arrives....any day now :p

This is great news though, Argos or Corinthia seem perfect to base this arena in.

Thanks guys!
There is just something grim and brutal about combat as a spectator sport that screams Hyborian Age to me. I could actually envision arenas in most of the Hyborian Age nations, except perhaps the ones (like Aquilonia) were its been supplanted with the more sophisticated jousting.
Zamora, Turan, Shem, Stygia - it would work for me!

The arena in Messantia was actually one of the things I liked the most about that boxed set. Gladiatorial arenas are just so damn evocative! :D
I know that there was a thread long ago about slavery in various Hyborian nations, but what about arena combat? In which countries is it legal, and which is it not?