Look what I bought to store my minis in ......


I'm bored at the airport so just bought two of these badboys ;)

Woo hoo! my first post at an airport...hmm maybe I need to get a life ;)


Ah, cases, cases, cases. Sometimes it seems gamers are after a good case as much as a good figure.

I have to say, the figuresincomfort guy is great, purely for the huge variety of foam trays. Aside from the standard infantry and cavalry trays I can reccommend the double depth cavalry tray for ogre/troll size large monsters. The railway carraige tray is also good because they way it's set up (four wide, double depth strips with custom blocks to make your own 'pockets' makes it ideal for awkward slightly larger than average infantry, ie Exosuits (and trollkin warcasters but don't tell anyone).

The large spaceship tray is good for any craft mounted on a small flying base subject to any downward pointing detail. I've found a small scrap of foam is good for laying on top inside the walls to stop too much rolling free.

The small spaceship tray is great for Fleet Action minis - the holes are just right for holding the hex base tightly in place. The only draw back is that there are no walls to hold up the tray above if stacked in a case. But as FA minis are mainly one piece and not heavy this is not much of a problem.

The standard tank trays are just right for a rhino/chimerea a Leman Russ at a squeeze and the large tray can hold a land raider with some cutting.

The deluxe Battlepack and Skirmishpack from Charon are good too - I took a Skirmishpack to Australia as suitcase type luggage and only had to repair one model.



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Whilst taking a swift break from my recent Thundercats DVDathon I picked up two of these to put my minis in when I build them:


On sale reduced to £14.99 from £29.99 until 20th Feb 2007

I picked up 2 of them. Bigger surface but not as deep as the last one, but it has locking clasps and the foam is perforated into squares unlike the solid block of the last one.

My thanks to Low Roller for being my sizing consultant on the phone this afternoon.


Has anyone else who nabbed one of these (cheers LBH :D ) found suitable extra foam inserts yet? Want to put my 28mm figs in two layers, but didn't think and already plucked the foam out for ships :oops:

The size is a bit awkward - 43cm x 31cm x 9cm