Lone wolf supplements due out


hey folks I was looking at my local shop's distributor's list for up comeing games and this is what I saw:

NYA MGP 1120 Lone Wolf Rpg Hc $39.95
NYA MGP 112001 Kai Lords $8.95
NYA MGP 112002 Giaks $8.95

NYA MGP 1121 Lone Wolf Rpg: Darklands $21.95

I live in the states so the main game is still NYA but look at the two 9$ books due to come out. just thought I'd let everyone know about them as these two new books are not on the mongoose website yet but the distributors have to know what's coming out months in advance.
I can't wait to play the brotherhood of the crystal star.
Sorry to disappoint (?) you, Pestigor, but you probably should have a look at this thread ...

But I'd dearly love to see what other supplements are planned for the future! Hopefully The Darklands won't be the only one over the next months ...

Paido, too Lone Wolf-hungry for his own good :wink:
:oops: that was the only thread I didn't look at as I'm up to here with miniature games and thought " no these must be minor supplements it can't be anything else" sad pestigor :cry: at least the game is almost here :D .player on player games bring out something :evil: evil in my nature so I stick with RPG's
thanks again