Lone Wolf books 1-5 in polish are out!


I'd like to announce that polish edition of Lone Wolf Kai cycle is now complete!

Recently "Shadow on a Sand" or "Cień na piasku" was released. It marks my debut in series as a translator, a short role as I was promoted to editor's position working on Magnakai series.

To play and read Lone Wolf books was my dream for a long time. I "went through" "highway holocaust" series over and over again several times. At the end of last tome was an advertisement of "Lone Wolf" series that captured my imagination but was dropped out of schedule by publishing house.

Two years ago, I think, I was researching a new venues for Copernicus Corporation, a publishing house I work for and found out Mongoose is publishing series again. Fortunately companies reached an agreement and my fellow readers can enjoy world of Magnamund!

To me it is a personal fulfillment like translating second edition of WFRP.