List of which lands/kingdoms in which books?


Anyone have one?

I'm setting my first "book series"/campaign in the Hammerlands, Eru, the Hellswamp and back to Bor. I know Bor's detailed in Fall of Blood Mountain(? exact title name escapes me, I've never had a chance to read past 15!), but I don't remember on the rest.

A list of which books deal with which lands would be good reference for GMs who want to bone up on setting details beyond what the Gazeteer gives. Started re-reading the series again so this is all I can offer to start the list off as. ;) Feel free to add the Shadaki/planar stuff from GS too.

Book 1: Northern Sommerlund
Book 2: Northeastern Durenor
Book 3: Kalte
Book 4: Southern Sommerlund
Book 5: Vassagonia


#6: Stornlands (Amory, Lyris, etc) and into Slovia
#7: Dessi (Kazan-Oud)
#8: Talestria and The Danarg
#9: Slovia and Anari
#10: Eru, The Hellswamp and Ghatan
#11: The Daziarn (Meledor and Vhozada)
#12: The Darklands
#13: Ruel (Mogaruith)
#14: The Darklands again
#15: Nyras and Nyvoz
#16: Stornlands again (Magador)
#17: Ixia
#18: Stornlands again and Sommerlund
#19: Sommerlund and Avaros
#20: Plane of Darkness


Was about to pece together what little knowledge I have of the New Order series when I stumbled over a post on Project Aon that gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Outspaced! :wink:

#21, Voyage of the Moonstone - The Eastern coast of Northern Magnamund from Holmgard to Elzian.
#22, The Buccaneers of Shadaki - The Eastern coast of Southern Magnamund from Elzian to Port of Suhn (encompassing the Isle of Lorn).
#23, Mydnight's Hero - Isle of Sheasu (western coast of Southern Magnamund) to Seroa, capital of Siyen (south coast of Tentarias, central Southern Magnamund).
#24, Rune War - The Stornlands
#25, Trail of the Wolf - Helkona / Gazad Helkona, on the border of the Darklands
#26, The Fall of Blood Mountain - Boradon / Bor Mines
#27, Vampirium - Country of Bhanar (Southern Magnamund)
#28, The Hunger of Sejanoz - Southern Magnamund country of Chai; the Great Lissanian Plain; capital Pensei to city of Tazhan.

Entries in dark blue added by me, as per Mithrandir's Gamebook Grotto.

#1 Grey Star the Wizard: Isle of Lorn (Shianti), Port of Suhn, Anzanam

#2 Forbidden City: The Forbidden City. That Rebel City where grey star meets sado of the long knife. (sorry forgot the name)

#3 Beyond the Nightmare Gate: Daziarn (Tower of the Academicians, Temple of Silence, The Chaos Realm, That valley place, and the Sanctuary of the Moonstone)

#4 War of the Wizards: The Great Lissan Plain, Forest of Fernmost, Shadaki.


Greg Smith said:
Does the city of Toran feature in any of the books?

It features VERY prominently in Books 1 and 2 of the Legends series, specifically in relation to the Guildhall and surrounding environs.