Kovag Re leads to Ape Men

Arkobla Conn

Hi all - I had a few extra weeks as my turn for GMing before reliquishing the rotation and having just finished the Stones of Kovag Re, I wanted to do soemthing a bit on my own.

To summarize the previous adventure, the PC's were introduced to Oleska, his wife (change here) and their slave (a PC) when their palenquin is knocked over during a market place brawl.

He is happy with the PC's and invites them over for a dinner in their honor. He even gets one of them out of the local jail. He's a shrewd man and knows chumps (er potential allies) when he sees them.

During the dinner, he has his dancing girls perform for the male PC's (Cimmerian Barbarian, Bossonian Soldier, Stygian Scholar & Zamoran Thief). Each is given a lady for the evening - with the Cimmerian choosing a waiting girl and the thief choosing the other female PC (a Hyrkanian Noble/Nomad)

During the night, Julianna is 'taken' and the module proceeds almost as planned. I added a slight twist in that Oleska poisons his girls at night and feeds them the antidote in their breakfast each morning. The PC's, if they wanted to free the female PC had 3 days to return with Julianna or there would be deaths.

The PC's followed, went the nature route and found the bandits. They were in the process of negotiating a peace when Oleska's men attacked. The battle raged down the approach, into the bowlo and then into the cave. One by one I knocked the PC's out until there were only one PC and Bogdan left standing...but the Stones did their bloody work. All had fun.

A fate point was used to have the anti-toxin on one of the leaders of Oleska's men and the PC's were off.

They decided to travel east toward the Nobles homeland (Lady Maja). Along the way, they found an mesa in the middle of the mountains. As Raz, the barbarian climbed up it, a few different fights broke out with a group of man-apes. During the fight, female NPC's were captured and taken below ground.

The PC's found a door and decended into the first chamber - a 15 foot chasm with shelves on either side and vines spanning from one side to the other at all levels. As the third PC was crossing, they were attacked by four more ape men. These used the vines to bounce and trip pc's, but I never got any to fall completely. (A dex check to catch themselves after a failed balance check was always successful.

We now sit with a party that is hurt, but eager to press on below...