Klegg in GoMC1?

Would you like to see or even play the Kleggs (inc. Characters. ie Klegg judges and what not.) if Mo

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I was really turned away from the JD RPG when they promised a Guide to Aliens but never released it. So i hope GoMC1 support aliens and i just wanted to know if others would support them.
There are details of Klegg, Robots and Apes (and PC rules for them) in the main rule book. Aliens don't really feature that strongly in MC1 (except as tourists).
I would prefer a gang of apes first, but Kleggs would be good for more advanced gangs to hire. Apes should have entire gangs of their own.

I'd like to see Kleggs in this game, but not necessarily as a gang - rather special characters as part of specific scenarios or a specific campaign...