Kiln Publications?

MongooseStratos said:
Hey everyone. Please head over to for a small glimpse of things to come from the re-worked Universe87 Campaign Setting (fluff compatible with OGL CyberNet and any other Modern/Sci-Fi game set in an alternate-Earth future). Universe87 is based on the ideas I originally co-created for Kiln Publications for the 2087 book BUT it has been drastically changed to better suit my personal vision. Artwork is still by Don Pedicini Jr. of Kiln Publications and several other key contributors but ALMOST 100% of the material will be based on my design (instead of the original collaboration) and it should be available by GenCon-Indy 2005!

Hey everyone... a rough skeleton outline of things to come is now up at

I apologize for the delays and even sorrier that the site still has no content... but at least you can see I put some time into it today! :)

- Stratos