Judge Dredd houserules


do you use any good houserules in your JD game ?

we use two i would like to share (and hear your comments)....

the judges need so many skills...and have so few skill points. to beef them up a little with use this rule:

at character generation every player may spend his Int score as free skill points for any skills he like (this reflects the "hobby" of the character while at the academy. i know i know...the movie isn't quite good...but their are many nice hints that i like. the cadet (i forgot his name) that was a specialist in multimedia and served as Hershey expert witness is a good example). so a character with int 12 may once spend 12 skill points any way he likes (but he has the max rank rating of "level 0" + 3 = 3 max ranks at the start).

another rule we use is a modification of the class / cross skill system. they have both the same max rank in our game (lvl +3). the only difference...if u take a cross skill u have to pay the double amount of skill points. so any judge that would like to be an expert in wilderness lore has to pay 2 skill points for 1 rank every time he takes this skill.