[Jon Brazer Enterprises] JBE and the New Edition


Cosmic Mongoose
Originally posted on JonBrazer.com

Good day everyone,

You may or may have not heard by now that a new edition of Mongoose Traveller is coming. We at JBE have been apart of it since playtest for months and we LOVE the changes. The game is still recognizable to fans of the previous edition with a number of tweaks that really enhance the experience. As soon as the playtest document drops, you should check it out. It is well worth your time and attention.

So where does that leave JBE. Well first off, as soon as we are allowed, we will be publishing 2e Traveller books. In the meantime, we will continue to release subsectors in the Foreven Worlds setting. We do not believe there will be much, if any, problems with converting from the current version to the next version so all of these will be equally useful in the new edition.

I will admit that I have been busier with Pathfinder this year than I expected when I was planning products for this year. To make up for that, we expect to be releasing a subsector between once a month to once every two months next year. We also have a number of other supplements (adventures, careers, and much more) in the works that we put on hold because of the new edition playtest and plan to finish them up once the new edition is released.

Then there’s the d66 Compendium 2 that we have been working on for over a year now. This is something we hope to have ready for release shortly after we are allowed to publish for the new edition. While the first d66 Compendium was heavily focused on names of stuff, we want this to have more ideas in it than the previous book (Reasons Why Your Ally Can’t Help, Gossip About a Ruler). Just like the previous Compendium, this book will include lists that are not available for sale (Engineering Technobabble, Cultural Faux Pas Not in the Ship’s Library).

We hope that you will be along with JBE in the new edition. We expect a wild and fun ride.