is Lone Wolf for group playing only or not?


I am interested in getting into RolePlaying Games, and Lone Wolf seems a good start to me. Is this book for group playing only or can I have just as much fun with it by myself? Or would you not recommend it?
Please advise, thanks.
The answer is "yes and no."

The Lone Wolf RPG (which is what this site is for) is a tabletop RPG, which is almost always for multiple players. You'd have a tough time playing it on your own (though there are ways, and I heard there's a supplement on the site that lets you do it)

The Lone Wolf series, on the other hand, is a group of gamebooks (like Choose Your Own Adventure) that are meant to be played solo. They're a little tough to find in print (the earlier books are easier), but they're free for all on, which is an excellent place to start and grow familiar with Lone Wolf.

And then there's Tower of the Sun at, the Lone Wolf online community, where you can hang out with other Lone Wolf fans, join in the group story in the West Watch, and otherwise socialize. Hanging out there puts you in a good position to play the Lone Wolf RPG Online, which are Internet-run Lone Wolf RPG campaigns where you can play with others across the world.

So... there's your answer.
DuskFox said:
The answer is "yes and no."

Ah, that is the kind of decisiveness that makes you world reknowned DF!

But all seriousness, ol'Dusty here is correct, it has the ability to be both, which is one of the things I like about it, and the tower of the sun, which he pointed out, is a great place to play it online with others, and project aon is a great place to learn about and discuss the origional lone wolf books from about 20 years ago!


And just to keep DF happy, I would like to invite you to join the Dwarf Gunners at the Tower of the Sun, we are great fun and like a good ol' mug of Bor Brew (lightly spiced with Boom Powder)