Is it done?

Is Mongoose still coming out with Judge Dredd RPG books or is it a done line?

And I also heard rumours of Judge Dredd version 2 rpg coming out. Is that true or just a nasty rumour?

A friend of mine spoke to Marc Farrimond at the open day. He said that he was working on a new supplement, but it was currently on hold.
Nothing is confirmed, and this is just what I've gathered from speaking to various people, but at this time, I believe Mongoose is not planning to publish any more Judge Dredd d20 rpg supplements. I know Marc Farrimond has a bunch that he is working on so there is hope for new publications in the future.

Also, I've been told that S&P will continue to support Dredd and there are a number of articles I know have been submitted... so we'll have to wait and see what we get and when.

As for 2nd Ed, there is indeed a revision planned. There is no ETA because Mongoose is focusing on the GoMC1 line that is just coming out (and it'll be great) but I think that Matthew really wants to rewrite the game but make it compatible. Dredd d20 was the first book Mongoose wrote (I believe) and they have learned a lot since then, so when a second ed is written in year or so (hopefully), it'll definitely be worth snapping up.

In summary:
The current version will be supported in S&P.
There is a 2nd ed. planned.
Gangs of Mega-City One will keep us all entertained in the mean time.

There are still a few things they really ought to release before calling it quits on JD, if a second edition doesn't pan out.

Cursed Earth - While I bought and like the Brit-Cit stuff and plan on buying the Atlantis supplement, this one really seems to be more directly necessary
Dark Judges and the Sisters - I can't believe they haven't been done yet

Aliens - This was even mentioned in the core book. Don't necessarily need huge amounts of info on planets or whatnot, but base stats and a three paragraph description of their home planets would be good.

As far as a title, how about... The Rookies Guide to Everything Else
i was the one who was eagerly waiting for the Alien supplement... Alas it never came to be. they shouldnt advertise if they arent going to do it... it hurts us, yesssss.... I hope GoMC1 supports at LEAST the Klegg...
I totally agree that we need a Cursed Earth supplement, and as most people on this board will tell you, I tried hard to convince the powers that be to do this. Marc Farrimond is also a supporter of that book, but right now, there are no plans. I really hope they will decide to release that book before laying 1st ed. to bed, but only us making enough noise will it happen. I recommend emailing Matthew Sprange directly :) (sorry Matthew).

I would also love a guide to aliens. I know Marc Farrimond has mentioned before that he has a pet project he was trying to convince Mongoose to publish, which is a guide to Luna-1. This would be a superb book and a much needed addition. I'm not certain, but Marc probably intended to include some aliens in there. Perhaps Marc can respond...

Of course, once again, email Matthew and tell him we want more, or we probably won't get it.

Would Mongoose be aminable to a free pdf download of a module, if it was done for free? Not saying I could do it; I couldn't, but should somebody with good knowlege of the source material and balance issues volunteered to do it, Mongoose could host it....
I agree with Arabin: if you want more Dredd stuff it is important to let Matthew know.
Mongoose is a business and so they will prioritise projects on a commercially viable basis.
Shout it out loud, Grudammit!
I could wait for The Cursed Earth source book if a Judge Dredd 2.0 came out sooner.

Man, I wish there was a 2nd edition coming out. I know they are thinking about it, but a 2nd edition in 2005 would be great news.

I feel a little akward emailing Mathew just to tell him I like Judge Dredd and that I want more. Although, I do like Judge Dredd and want more.

The only Mongoose books I own are the Judge Dredd books and the OGL Wild West. Is it worth getting Signs and Protents when I am only a fan of those two?
There are certain issues of Signs & Portents that have fantastic Dredd material. I subscribed, and I only like Dredd and Mighty Armies (at the time I only liked Dredd). I'll try to make a list of all the issues that have Dredd content and post it here at some point.

I know what you mean about being nervous approaching Matthew, but really, he's a great guy and loves to hear from us (right Matthew?). If you are not too comfortable, then perhaps you could convince other friends of your to come to this forum and vote on polls. Mongoose do check the forum, and if they see increased activity on the Dredd forum and a large number of people voting for new Dredd products, they will act.

and dont forget that for example slaine is supported by sligns really well due too its fans shouting the loudest to old bear who always enjoys hearing from us fans 8)
Hi guys,

Just a quickie - there will indeed be a second edition of Dredd (the base rules are already sketched out - in fact, if you want to see how the rules will fit together, take a look at the Starship Troopers RPG early next year. . .). The question for us is whether we wait for the new movies or not. As it stands, we are likely looking at a 2006 release for a second edition but we have some _very_ strong ideas on how it will pan out. As much as I like the first Dredd game we did, this really will be ten times better. More focused, more action-orientated, more Dredd!
That is awesome news!

I thought the movies went back to script however and that Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning and Judge Dredd: Possesion have been scrapped and that they are writing a new script.

I bet most people know this already.
I want to be skeptical about how good the new dredd rpg will be, but the first one leagues better than I expected and even then I knew mongoose products tended to be bloody good. So given that things at mongoose have gone from strength to strength I really can't find it in myself to poo poo the idea, and doubtless will buy it (and love buying it).

and to kill several birds...

more than any other extra books I would love to see a cursed earth supplement, although closely followed by the street punks catalog - I was so pleased with myself when I spotted one of my ideas in the samples shown in S&P, I want to see if any of my others were deemed worthy.

And 'when' dredd 2nd ed is released, if it is another full colour interior could you maybe splatter around a few colour images beyond the plates? The full colour borders throughout are nice but I was a little miffed by all the b&w art.

And curse you for gangs of megacity one, I thought my miniature wargaming days were behind me !!! :wink:

and finally:

I'm not sure about the decisionof waiting for the films release, if they are, well, naff, it is not going to do a fat lot for sales or awareness. Or at least I wouldn't have thought it would. It might get a few more americans aware/interested if the films work out though, which would be a good thing for all of us.

Cheerio for now,
Alan Bundock
Thanks for the update Matthew. I agree with Alan that's it might not be a good idea to wait for the films to be released. Right now, DC is releasing a bunch of 2000AD graphic novels, and my local comic store keeps selling out of Judgement Day. I think the DC line, and Gangs of MC-1 will go a long way to boosting any Dredd products popularity. Of course, you could then plan to release a big supplement or something around the movies...

I know you have said this before, but Dredd 2nd Ed. will be compatible with the current batch of books, right? If that's the case, is there any chance we could get the Cursed Earth guide before 2nd Ed?

Tiberius - thanks for the film update. I haven't been keeping up with that, so please post any news as you hear it.

2006? Oh, but I want it now.
(You got to say that with a Homer Simpson voice)

Thats ok. I own all the Judge Dredd source books except one, and have only read the main rule book. So I got a lot of reading to do. It will probably be 2006 before I finish reading them all.

Plus I still have all my Titan GN's. Im only half way done through those.
No problem :)

Recently, the number of Dredd posts has gone up and there are a good number of regulars popping back to chat. This is a good thing.

I prefer to try and keep Dredd and Slaine apart since, for me, they are completely different entities. It's like Mighty Armies sharing a forum with Starship Troopers. The only thing those two have in common is the fact that they are both miniatures games by Mongoose. Each post then loses clarity, and then popularity, until it's just the fanatics left.

It's a shame we never managed to convince Mongoose to give us our seperate forums... though technically, Dredd has this and the Gangs of MC-1 forum now...

I do not have high hopes for the new movies... the budgets are tiny, especially for something as FX heavy a setting as Mega-City One. So waiting for those.... nevermind, I don't want to think about it.