Inventive uses for combat manouevres?


I just had a PC in my game last week use the Human Shield combat manouevre with a foe he was grappled with. The funny thing about it was that another PC was the attacker, and he purposely used Combat Expertise and anything else he could think of to lower his attack roll enough so that he would miss the other PC using the human shield and hit the bad guy.

Anybody else have any interesting situations like this in their games?
I hate to be a wet blanket, but why did the PC's buddy not simply attack the target directly? :? I mean, opponents in a grapple loose their dodge/parry bonus to outside attackers and melee attacks do not have a chance of hitting the wrong target so... ?

Anyway, the most fun I ever had was with To The Hilt. I was a 5th level Nomad and unarmed because I was in Stygia and foreigners don't get to carry weapons. So I get attacked alone by a horde of 1st level mooks with daggers. So I say "hell with it" and plow into them ... no Improved Unarmed Strike, I'm just drawing AoO's left and right but I don't care. So I start using disarm attempts to take their daggers away (a successful disarm with an unarmed attack leaves you holding the weapon) and then once I got a hold of it I would turn back around and use To The Hilt to stick it in the guy I took it from 8)

"Oh I'm sorry, does this belong to you? Here, let me give it back!" :twisted:

Yeah, the mob of them took me down to single-digit HP with their 1d4 dmg at a time before I drove them off... but it was fun

I knew somebody would ask why he did it that way :) I think the grappler just wanted to try out the manoeuvre at least once before the end of the adventure.

It was funny. Your story sounds pretty good too actually, but my players don't use the manouevres enough IMO.