Intestinal Fortitude

LokiOne said:
I am just presenting a set of ideas for moderation and improvement by Anyone who cares to lob in with any modifications. Most of the posts here are for alternate 'non-official' house rules, that Gm's can pick and choose from. I don't know a single Gm who always plays with The Rules as is ....

Oh, my bad LokiOne, I thought you were presenting some rules out of books, I didn't realize you were proposing a set of rules.

The d20 progression is as follows:

Shaken: -2 to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.

Frightened: -2 to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks and the creature must flee from the source of fear.

Panicked: Like Frightened, but must drop everything while fleeing.

The Conan book only lists Frightened as a state, which results in a failed terror save.


Yeah - sounds OK ... I'll use that.

Maybe Terror (of the Unknown) from Conan is one stage worse than Frightened. I suppose that I really just don't want to see My Pc's swoon like wimp(s), because they're not L4 or more .... Happy for the background NPC's too though.

Useful info though - 'cos I don't have much other D20 or Core Set rules. All I have is the D&D v3.5 Rules that I just bought recently (Read about 10% so far). Ironically, I've played other RPG's through the years, and not Ad&D/ D&D. Only become interested in recent times ...

Conan really caught my fancy though, so now I'm buying some additional supportive tomes to boost up my resources.

I've 'mined' some wonderful info from this site though (Mr Cut and Paste), and there's a lot of creative stuff coming through. Adventure scenarios and NPC's are what's mostly needed at the moment (My opinion).

I should have an AE soon enough. My base Conan book cost Me $Aus100 at my local gaming shop. I'll test out Son's of Cimmeria very soon.


There is a Pict barbarian in my group who has twice fainted at the sight of monstrosities.

In the first instance, he was confronted by an ape-creature in a scenario similar to Rogues in the House (although, in this instance, the house happened to be on fire as well ... those crazy PCs :) ). Being a Pict, this seemed entirely appropriate at the time, as he was certain that Gullah had arrived to claim his soul. His offsider, who passed her terror check, but had no intentions whatsoever of taking this thing on, scrambled out a nearby window, dragging her unconscious Pict companion with her. The Pict felt no shame afterwards, given that he had come face to face with his god. In fact, he saw an enraged Gullah in fevered dreams during his stupor, refused to partake in any profits from the entire endeavour, and was merely glad to be alive.

The latter event occured in last night's session, where the PCs encountered a green, humanoid creature of demonic origin emerging from a house carrying a sleeping infant. Later, after the creature was despatched fairly quickly, the group was chatting with the Black Hand of the Inquisition, a remarkably reasonable fellow, despite his rather nasty reputation. This was the second time the group had been found loitering in the vicinity of supernatural events within the space of days, and while Evanthe (the same PC that was with the Pict in the ape encounter) was relating what had occured to the Inquisitor, she mentioned that, "the creature was obviously powerful, as it rendered Akando senseless with merely the power of its gaze". Again, there was no need for the Pict to feel shame, as (either honestly, or by studied ignorance), the event could be layed at the feet of sorcerous power, rather than fear.

The group will hit third level soon enough, and collapsing in terror will cease to be much of an issue. In the meanwhile, it has proved to add to the game, rather than detract from it.

Edit: Oops, 4th before immunity to swooning.