insults 3 son of,bride of insults

toothill man

please post the insults you have found the most fun when playing slaine as matt has said the best may become a download on the sub-site :twisted:
" I love the smell of burning buildings in the morning"
"even my dwarf tries harder,woman"
"female warrior-if I was your wife I would poison your mead.
male warrior-if you were my wife I would drink it"
"what a poor challenge child I make children by the widows of my slain enemies not fight them"
"whelp you may not give a discount for honor and combat but I hear your mother does"
A few more...

"Flee before me or know what all dead men know!"
"You talk a good fight - but fail to impress!"
"Are all of your kin as milk-blooded?"
"At least you die by a warrior's hand!"
"Morrigu demands tribute. Time to pay."
"Your face - my axe!"
"Spital hut? Nay, the narrow house for you..."
"I'll carve your flesh for the worms..."
"Your face sours my mead. Let me improve it for you."
"Your sisters will entertain me tonight - not you."
"Your face will look good rotting on your brainball."
"Too good for me? You're not worthy of my sword!"
"No, you strike first. I always give a fair fight."
A few more - the perfect antidote to a bad day this...

"My sword wants a drink. You'll do fine..."
"I've eaten chickens with more meat on them!"
"I see your dwarf has looks for you both..."
"Your stench exceeds your sword-arm!"
"You're as smart as a bull and as strong as a fox."
"Weaned on vinegar were ye?"
"Your roar isn't your claw..."
"I've drunk stronger beer than you!"
"Should you not be with your mother, boy?"
"Whose head did you spring out of?"
"Which dog gat you of your mother?"
"Are you still shaking at your knees?"
it is a great destresser :twisted:
"are you sure you got the right end of that weapon"
"you are so stupid even your brain ball couldnt fly straight"
"strength of body oder is no replacement for strength of arms"
"even my dwarf smells less than you"
"even the worms will find your stench overpowering"
some more
"I enjoy a joke as much as the next man but how in Hel did anyone think you were a warrior"
"having my tattoos caused me more discomfort child"
"how can a man be measured by you a half man"
"if you dont fight me now coward may your privates retreat to were they were last week child"
"have they dropped yet child and even if they have think it very unlikley they have ever been used whelp"
here is some more
"come too me fool and meet your ancestors"
"uglyness and stupid behavour is no shield in combat"
" too make it fair I can always blindfold my dwarf?but even then that wouldnt be fair"
anybody else got any more?
"your spear is sharper than your wits"
"now farmer can you work out which way is best to hold the spear"
"now fish face it is time to be kippered"
"sheep and goats when will my sword again feed on the blood of a true warrior"
" like the worm you are if I cut you down the middle will two of you grow in your place?"
"even maggots have more honor than you,come die like a man"
"is that a drune wizard behind you dummies or have midden heaps learned how to talk were you come from"
"every one knows that norsemen have no balls its too do with the cold weather up north"
"In my tribe even my grandmother could beat you babies"
"even my wind has more bite than your attacks"
"its only a flesh wound come here and I will bite your kneecaps"
"in this darkness wizard we can still smell you"
"even in death I have my manners ladies first"
here is some classics from slaine the king
"let me help with your terrible wound,I will bathe my blade in it"
"He is losing a daughter not a son"
"dont make his grave too narrow for you will be lying beside him"
"welcome to the wound feast"
"I will drive a hole throuh your body a bird can fly through"
"rejoice for I save you from a straw death"
"my sword blood spurter wants to meet you"
"its ploughing time again"
"who ever your father is he loses his son today"
"came on wide mouth try and redden your axe on my body"
"come hither spike hair"
"Im going to slake my sword in you"
"it is you who will have knowlegde of death"
"a cunning trick yet wounds have little effect on me"
"this rock can also mark your grave"
"the wizard smells like a chicken house"
"I dont speak to fish"
"blood for Avagddu"
"for that I will see you join your other kin in the earth"
"I could put you in the spital hut with one hand tied behind my back"
"pleasant to me the whistle of my thirst maddened axe as it slakes itself in fomorian blood"
"join me in the head harvest"
"every weapon has its demon"
"here is your tribute war-wailings and a fullness of corpses"
some more of my own
"your existance has just ended fool"
"I will add your head too my collection my dogs need a drinking bowl"
"harvesting the weak so the stronger rule"
"it does me no good bathing in the blood of fools who has the skill too fight me like a man"
"even if you fools kill me there will be a host of your corpses blazing the road"
"come your death awaits"