I now have Paranoia XP.

Well worth the wait, I can very much assure you. The Holloway pictures alone make the game 130% better than ever before. The Computer says so. Happiness is mandatory.
Well I finally got this and all I can say is WOW!!! Great job and cannot wait to toss my players into the mix. Mind you my players are very keen on the Slaine' game I am about to run so hopefully I can use this as a filler game when everyone cannot make it.
I got it recently along with the GM screen and I must say I'm impressed. I only had a one zap game exposure way back then, but now I'm happy to delve deeper in Alpha-Complex.

Under the gentle surveillance of the Computer, I had a blast just rolling a mission with the mission-blender that comes with the GM screen, so imagine when I run it... :roll:
No doubt! I cannot wait to run this game with my players as alot of us played back in the yester-year of Paranoia. So this will be a welcomed return.

Nothing but insanity can insue with this game. I use to run something like this with HOL-another greatly insane and awesome game.
I think HOL occupies a completely different level of sanity to PARANOIA.

Zap is frenetic and ideally so rules lite you might only see the rulebook around during the session if someone used it as an improvised weapon.

With HOL, on the other hand, the rulebook will probably hide itself and swear at you from a dark corner of the next room throughout the game session.
Greetings Fellow Citizens,

From Whare is this mysteriouse ParanoiaXP avalible from?

Please Make Sure You Notify The Computer Before Notifying Me.

Unless You Are A Commie Traitor, In Which case Good Luck!

Allways Trust The Computer. The Computer Is Your Friend.

Paranoia XP is available from your Friendly Local Game Store, and should be available through the Mongoose website too (unless we're out of stock until the new printing comes through).
Evening Fellow Citizens....

Paranoia XP makes citizens happy, being happy is mandatory, pick your copy up today at your local Game shop, if they do not have a copy, tell them to get several copys, cause it makes people happy, and people who are not happy are traitors, DON"T BE A TRAITOR!

Everyone has a mutant power, everyone is a member of a secret society, everyone is a Traitor! Well, everyone but you! It's your job to prove it to Friend Computer!

way too much time on his hands...
Through the good graces of my friend The Computer and the excellent Alpha Complex postal system, I expect to hold Paranoia XP and the GM screen in my quivering appendages later today. This will be fun! All hail The Computer! 8)

(Side note...we could really use some Paranoia-oriented emoticons...)
This is good stuff. The new bits (service firms, psuedo-capitalism) are going to take some getting used to, but I really appreciate the extra details on how Alpha Complex "works." I also have to admit [editorial subtext mode] that, despite the comparisons to China or Singapore, Paranoia XP does a great job satirizing the current state of the American political economy.[/editorial subtext mode]