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I've got the PDF for the new Paranoia Perfect Edition. It mentions how XP can be used (not as a currency!) to acquire better equipment. I can't however find a price list. Am I being thick?
Hi there! I'm WJ, lead designer for this edition. First and foremost, thanks for picking up a copy!

We left out the usual equipment price list for three reasons. 1) We were pushing up against the word count limits as it was; 2) We don't want to lock GMs into certain prices, as those should be changed as needed for each GM's particular session; and 3) Unlike other RPGs, Paranoia isn't set up so players can go shopping for better equipment--having an itemized list suggests such shopping extravaganzas are normal.

Besides, the gear available at Red clearance is very limited. Why price a plasma generator when the Troubleshooters will only get one if its assigned and therefore free?