Hyboria's real world counterparts


Though some of the real world counterparts to Hyborian nations are easy to figure out, some are not so obvious. The rule books only give this info sporadically. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to list each Hyborian country and its real world counterpart?
When you have had a look at the list of real world counterparts, you may want to do what I do to create adventures in a particular country.

When I know which equivalent it is, I look around for Films,TV series and Books set in the country and mix them into the plot of the adventure.

Eg For Khitai (Ancient China), look at the Water Margin (Outlaws), Crouching Tiger, Conan the Avenger. I add in Chinese Vampires (Chiang-Shih) from an old GURPS supplement.

For Nordheim (Scandinvia) , look at the 13th Warrior, Beowulf, REHs Tigers of the Sea. Add Trolls as a degenerate human race to fight against.

For Zingara (Old Spain) and the Barachan Isles, look at El Cid, 3 Musketeers, Zorro, Conan the Buccaneer. Add in Pirates of the Caribean (undead pirates)

With the material I find, I am half way to creating the adventure, I just have to assemble it and make sure it is compatable with the Conan setting.

Give it a Try.
Some parts of it contradict 'The Road of Kings', though (Corinthia for example). And I wouldn't compare Brythunia to Poland (except for the women :D ).