Hyboria, 2000 A.D.?

Jason Durall

It's late on a Saturday, the wife is out with her parents seeing a film, and my mind is dwelling on things Conan, at the same time I'm idly flipping through world news. I've been writing something, and the phrase "modern Stygia" came up, as opposed to "old Stygia". For some reason, those two words together just made me crack up.

The odd juxtaposition makes me wonder, though, what the Hyborian world would have been like had the supposed cataclysm not reshaped everything and eliminated all but race memories of the ancient Hyborian cultures? What if the Hyborian Age had been allowed to evolve into a world very much like our own? What would that world be like today? What elements of history would there be? Would magic still be present in the world?

For some reason, I imagine actual Westerns set in the Pictish Wilderness, and events similar to World War II occuring in the central Hyborian continent. Translating the turmoil of the Middle East to Shem, Pelishtia, and Stygia, for example, is a natural, though the different cultures in close proximity add new wrinkles to that situation. Oddly enough, Atlantis is still a strange mystery to the modern Hyborian world. For some reason, as well, I imagine Aquilonian G-Men trying to stomp out the lucrative Zamoran lotus trade.

I don't know what to do with these idle thoughts, though it would seem to be a wonderful "other world" setting for modern-age games where you don't want to use our own geopolitical setting as background.
You just gave me an idea for alternate 1930's pulp setting. :p
The concepts are staggering. I fear for my sanity. Thank you.
Mythos said:
You just gave me an idea for alternate 1930's pulp setting. :p
The concepts are staggering. I fear for my sanity. Thank you.

You're welcome! I had hoped someone would find some use in that weird idea. Oddly enough, the thing that got me going was the notion of a television newscaster talking about Stygian terrorist activity. Then I had visions of Picts on reservations, demonstrating against Aquilonian landowners... and it went from there to that post.

I was looking through my FLGS the next day, and came across West End Games' new edition of Bloodshadows, and thought... "That would be my ideal setting for that weird Hyborian age idea I had last night."
Some time ago I had the idea to use the Hyborian continent as a kind of dreamlands setting for Call of Cthulhu. It was well before Mongoose released Conan RPG, but now I find this idea even more exciting.
An alternitive time line has been posted up on the conan.com forums.
It assumes that the Cataclysim never happened and that the invasions from the Picts and the Hykanians were repelled by by the hyborian nations.
With a litter work it looks like it could be turned into a good setting for the Conan rpg several hundred years after the rule of Conan.