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RPG News: Conan: Hyboria's Fiercest
Posted 2005-04-24 22:29:55 by damonwhite

Damon White Reports: The latest supplement for the Conan RPG hits your local games stores and book shops this week. Up to now, Games Masters have been spoilt for choice in the Hyborian Kingdoms with city box sets and tomes covering areas of Conan's world. Now players have their turn as we release the first book covering their characters.

Hyboria's Fiercest concentrates on the toughest characters available in the game - Barbarians, Borderers and Nomads. The first chapters, the Fierce of the Land, goes through each of the Hyborian

Kingdoms to look at the various roles these character classes perform in each land (culture being very important to characters in Conan). There are new weapons such as the Gunderland Pike, for example, and variants for classes such as the Borderers of Argos, who tend to be woodsmen and have the skill set to match.

Secrets of the Fierce gives players new 'tricks' for players to use. Pushing an Ability allows characters to try truly heroic feats - far beyond the human norm, as Conan was apt to do from time to time. There are new rules for survival in the wilderness, advanced tracking and new ways to use skills that are particularly fitting for these classes.

Abroad in Hyboria gives players the chance to master perilous terrain, using it against their enemies and avoiding the most dangerous hazards. Rules are given for everything from avalanches in the moutains to sandstorms in the desert. This leads in to Fierce Feats which present a range of new abilities for these classes - including the Brutal Charge, Out of Thin Air and Wounded Fury.

Joining the Fray explores specialised combat manoeuvres, ensuring that combat will never be a straight set of to hit and damage rolls. There are now specific manoeuvres for Archery, Melee and Mounted combat - so characters can now try a Warning Shot, Punishing Strike and Straddling Two Horses. Just what you need for a lively combat round! If you are still looking for a bit more depth in combat, there are now alternate Borderer combat styles from the Bossonian Sniper style to the Zingaran Whip. By the time you have finished with this book, no two characters of the same class and race will be even remotely the same.

The last section of the book comprises multiclassing options for these three classes, providing new character types without the need to resort to prestige classes (which are always a bit special in the Conan RPG). For example, you can now choose, at first level, to be a Savage Scout by multiclassing as a Barbarian/Borderer and taking on the variant rules listed for this combination. An Outrider is a Nomad/Borderer, for eample, while a Mystic is a Nomad/Scholar

Hyboria's Fiercest is priced at $24.95 and will be appearing in your local stores this week.

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing