Hunter or Assassin?

Which is your pick; Mantis Hunter Bug or Mantis Assasin Bug?

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Dr. Rooster

So which is it folks? Which of the two wins the favor of favorite mantis? The sly predator hunter bug or the fast upfront assassin bug?
That hunter is a nasty little bug, moving from squad to squad crushing all and avoiding all hits due to its 2+ armor save. I am not looking forward to when i face it
I voted for the Hunter because I plan to field two of them and one assassin. Gotta have an assassin tho', the ability to target any model and a 10" jump is too cool.
I really have to see them both in game before I make my decision, but my preliminary decision would be the hunter bug.

The +6" deploy is what really gives it the edge. Yes, cover helps, but having a model a bit closer keeps the MI back. Also, that 6" gives the bug a potential 30" range on turn 1, which is nice for a bug on foot.
I have used my two Assassins in only one game so far and they did pretty well and I was happy with them. I have two more coming which I am making into Hunters so I am unsure of how they workout on the board yet.

Looking at their stats though they are both effective in their own way. The Hunter in particular if you have a terrain heavy board. Also if you work your Brain Bug with it, it can still assassinate.

The Jump on the Assassin came in handy during my last game and can see how this would be quite useful in some situations.