How much effort to convert previous edition supplements.



I have followed some of the threads here but not all so don't have a detailed grip on the changes in the new system.

I have a fair bit of material from previous editions, River of Cradles, Cults of Prax, Sun County, and Strangers in (Pavis?), I might also have Shadows on the Borderlands around as well as Gods of Glorantha

How easy would it be to convert these supplements to the new rules. An old gaming group of mine played throught these twice - once from a Sartarite perspective and once as Lunars and had great time. I would like to ressurect them now RQ itself is coming back to life as it seems a shame to leave such a qood set of material gathering dust and I have potential players who have never experienced them.

Rather than start in a new time period reusing these and staying in the traditional setting really appeals and would be easier on my pocket - if the level of work involved would not be too great.
It's probably too early to say, but I suspect that it won't be too hard. It may be best to use a hybrid of rules -- the MRQ conflict resolution (i.e. Combat) with the RQ3 Magic systems.

If you are interested in a Third Age Pavis campaign, check out the Moon Design reprints of the RQ2 Pavis/Rubble and Borderlands. Also, there is some interesting material in the Chaos Society's Pavis & Big Rubble Companion series.
I agree with Urox, it is too soon to tell. We won't know for certain until the new RPG comes out.

Based upon what we've seen so far, I don't think useing MRQ for a 3rd age/Hero Wars setting would not be intrinsiclaly more difficult that a second age setting. THe difficlities will probably lie in the overall changes to to rules in general. THat is, the magic systems will be differenct and the combat system will be changed somewhat.

What we can't determine yet is how drastic these changes will be. We don't know if it will be like the change from RQ2 to RQ3, or something even more dramatic. It might just feel like a whole different RPG. Or,it might not seem that much differenet at all. Time will tell.
I'd say the equivalents of Battle Magic, Rune Magic and whatever the Malkioni are going to use would be very usable in a 3rd age setting, although some of the cults may be different. The RQ2 and 3 cults look like they should be able to be bolted straight on with no effort at all. You could probably even bring the magic systems over to MRQ with no effort, if you wanted. Stats should translate across with almost zero reworking (you may have to re-calc HP, FP and SR).

The main thing might be fiddly stuff, the equivalent of the conversion of Leana the Lucky's "familiar" in SPH. She had an RQ2 familiar in the RQ3 version of the module, and knew no sorcery. A big :oops: by Chaosium & AH there!
Would be good if all this source material was still usable.

The Garhound contest from Sun county for one made an excellent little mini adventure. Ran it over several sessions once and had a great time. Winner was a PC Yelmite I let join in after he argued yelm had been married to Ernalda at one point and therefore should be on the list.

His winning upset everyone - orlanthi and lunar (he was an oldfashioned sort of yelmite and didnt like "real" lunars very much). He also really enjoyed carving up the Argan Argar ogre at the end of the adventure. All worked out nicely from a mythologocal point of view as well - after the wedding night the bride ran off to be with her orlanthi boyfriend and the yelmite pc found himself a nice dendara priestess.

I certainly intend to use old RQ2/3 material. It has prompted me to dig a lot of it out of the garage and remind me of things I had forgotten about entirely. Be a shame not to use it.