How many Game Box sets have you got so far?

How many Game Box sets have you got so far?

  • 1 (20 bugs - 16 MI) - a few bugs

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  • 2 (40bugs - 32 MI) - that a lot of bugs

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  • 3 (60 bugs - 48 MI) - that's a teapot full of bugs(?)

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  • 4 (80 bugs - 64 MI)A world of bug pain

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  • 5 (100 bugs - 80 MI) - Bugs sir! millons of em!

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Anybody here perchance willing to part with their spare rulebook for a minor fee?
and whatever has the skinnies list in it if its seperate?
I really dont plan on building MI or Arachnids so the box is rather a dead buy to me



I got one starter kit of which I am using all the parts for both sides
I traded an Ape and some other goodies for another 20 warriors from a friend’s starter
I also purchased an Arachnid warrior boxed set – this gives me 46 arachnid warriors to start with
I also have 1 box of hoppers and a tanker bug so far

For the MI I have only purchased 1 Ape so far and an extra power suit squad boxed set

Active Arachnid Stuff
15 Warriors completed with 2 bug hole terrain pieces (scratch built)
5 Warriors assembled and primed
10 Warriors cleaned awaiting assembly
1 Tanker assembled and primed (Joy)

Active MI Stuff
2 – 5 man power suit squads (no options, just Morita Rifles)
1 modified Ape suit (I see more of these in the future)

I have been attempting to build two balanced forces, so when I run demonstrations both sides can have lots of fun, but when I got the Tanker I dropped everything. I just couldn’t help myself; the plastic screamed “build me!”

Oh my poor MI




i only have 1, but i got another 3 boxes of warriors off ebay at a good price, so i have 38 warriors and 16 MI. I might just end up getting more MI for a secret project, but I need a sniper rifle first....and to finish another 30 bugs.... :/


Cosmic Mongoose
Weeelllll, let's see-

20 Box sets,
12 MI squad boxes,
20 Warrior Bugs boxes,
25 Skinnie Raiders,
23 Skinnie Militia,
12 M8 Apes,
12 M9 Chickenhawks,
12 Hopper Bugs boxes,
2 Blaze of Glory books,
5 Heroes of the Mobile Inf. (in-route),
5 Brain Bugs (in-route),
8 Tankers (in-route),
2 SST Role playing books,
2 SST Floor plans,
and I'm sure I left something off the list...

assorted buildings, stuctures and vehicles made,
rock spires, an ammo dump, assorted craters,
and six 2' x 4' modular battle boards...

and a "roll-up" foam map for quicky "away" games
(painted green and desert sides)...

and a 2' x 4' "ant hill" special-designed Bug City vertical board.

...and I c-h-e-a-t-e-d because I'm a store, lol. So, I had you going there for a bit making Mr. Evil look entirely sane (heh)?... :wink:

"I'm just doing my part"...

Mr Evil

i am sane thank you !!!

i think

i just got me a tanker today...heheheheheh now my bugs are complete ... now must resist adding stuff to them.


Cosmic Mongoose
Mr Evil said:
i am sane thank you !!!

i think

i just got me a tanker today...heheheheheh now my bugs are complete ... now must resist adding stuff to them.

Look closer, Mr Evil. I said "looking" like you were sane. :)


i picked up 1 box, then split another box with a freind(i took hte warriors)

40 Warriors
3 Hoppers
1 Tanker

16 MI
1 Ape
1 Chickenhawk
1 box of Heroes of the MI

9 Skinny Raiders
3 Skinny Militia

All painted and based.
I have a Brainbug wating for me at the FLGS, but i need to aquire the appropriate amount of money to get it.

And I'll be picking up the female MI and the CHAS when they get here. We just got the tankers and brainbugs and heroes of the MI in htis part of canada on friday, so hte CHAS and Female are probably some time next week (i assume)


im freaking crazy, i just ordered enough sets and bug packs, so now i have 300 warriors, heh heh heh

im very poor right now :x


I have 1 1/2 boxed sets. My buddy Ray bought 3, and we split his 3rd set in half.

Now I gotta finish painting them!