How is M-Drive Thrust applied?


Cosmic Mongoose
Yeah, same problem with the new gas giant skimming rules. As written, they make something that is supposed to be moderately routine quite difficult. Though in that case if you just define normal skimming to be the reasonably safe outer layer skim and make the deeper skimming be 'fast and reckless', then it's a good addition. Ordinarily, you slowly skim from the safe layer, but characters have the option to do more dangerous stuff to speed it up.


Emperor Mongoose
I can think of a number of solutions.

The obvious one is to allow overclocking by one factor for six or twelve minutes, and accelerate depreciation, meaning the manoeuvre drive maintenance a lot sooner. Any longer, and you start rolling dice for failure.

The other one is allowing fractional factoring, upto point four at any technological level factor cap.


Emperor Mongoose
On the plus side, interpretation of the current rules set means that as long as you have any functioning (subpar) manoeuvre drive, you won't need heat shields for atmospheric reentry.

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Cosmic Mongoose
It would be interesting to hear designer’s intent.

Is planetary operations supposed to be a dangerous and challenging part of the setting, with accidents and crashes being somewhat common among Scout couriers, Free and Fee Traders, launches and the like?

Or is there a hover/lift system of some kind as well?

Either way works, I suppose, though with one being more dangerous it should imply that not every pilot is even authorized to perform planetary landings at lowports, whereas the other approach is more casual.

In the end, of course, we all decide how our specific version of the game world works, but official intent is always interesting to hear, and have as a baseline