Hide Armor

Hide Armor seems important for a Barbarian and is in the inventory of a Pict in the Westermarck SOC Adventure.....but I don't see it in the rulebook.

Anyone have official Conan stats for Hide Armor?
Although there are no statitics for Hide Armour, it only seemed more appropriate for the game and atmosphere for those picts to be wearing it.

My suggestion, and this is what I did, consider Hide Armour and Bone Armour the same as a Leather Jerkin. This is considering that your characters or Npc's are wearing an actual layer of animal hide( bear skin, several leopard skins stitched together, etc.) not just skinning a rabbit and putting it on his head and calling it "hide armour". LOL

Eric in Vegas :)
Lots of difference in protection with different thicknesses of leather, from deerskin to saddle leather to rawhide.
Some real-world testing:
"A brief sample of cuts against leather. The leather proved tougher to pierce than we had expected, the "give" of the bag was definitely a factor as was the angle of the edge and location of edge impacting."[/url]

Although I think it's great that you replied to the question, you didn't answer it. He was asking for statistics or ideas on what to do. Once again, Im not trying to belittle your comment, but he is playing in the "Fantasy" world and needs some suggestions on what to do in the game.

Still, I enjoyed your link.

Eric in Vegas
Point taken. It seemed to be an assumption that hide armor was all alike and that it is generally useless.