Healing (Surgery) Question. CRB 2016 Edition


Cosmic Mongoose
The CRB 2016 Edition states:
Surgery restores characteristic points just like
first aid but if the check is failed the patient loses more
characteristic points equal to 3+ the Effect of the Medic
Personally I think it should be "the patient loses more characteristic points equal to the Effect of the Medic check".

Does that make sense?


Banded Mongoose
I read this differently. I think what it means is that a failed Medic check causes at least a loss of 3 characteristic points. This is further modified by the effect of the check. The effect of a failed roll is always negative. But with the formula above this would mean that the higher the failure the less the loss. So I think it should read 3 - the effect of the Medic check, as minus and minus is plus again.
Doctor with Medic - 2, EDU DM +1 rolls a 3 on the Medic Average(8+) check for a total of 6, which is a failure.
6 - 8 is an effect of -2 which results in a loss of 3 - (-2) = 5 characteristic points.
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Cosmic Mongoose
The updated version fixes this.
If you fail, you lose 3 plus the effect, meaning Reisender's example is in line with the current wording.
Edit: Or maybe it doesn't fix it, but Reisender's example is still the correct one.